How to save mobile battery life

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to save mobile battery life

Mobiles are getting smarter, but the battery lasts less. So with so many services and opportunities offered by smartphone manufacturers, how come they have not thought of improving the quality of the batteries so that they last over a day? While we wait for them to do so, we have to implement some good tricks to extend the life of your mobile phone. In OneHowTo we explain how to save mobile battery battery, so take good note.

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Steps to follow:

Sometimes we need to save mobile phone battery in order to not be mobileless just when we need it. So our first advice is to disconnect all services that are usually enabled by default but that we do not need throughout the day, like GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi connections. These services are in the Settings menu of both iOS and Android. What you have to do is disable those that you do not really need.


Another good idea for saving battery on your smartphone is as simple as decreasing the brightness of the screen. Remember that the higher the brightness, the higher the energy consumption. In the case of Android phones you can access this option through the quick set-up, as you can also do on iOS.


If you need to save your mobile phone battery life it is not recommended to download mobile videos or music, as this consumes a lot of energy. Are you in a rush? Then wait until you get home.

How to save mobile battery life - Step 3

The Automatic Updates service is also usually enabled by default on all phones, an option that also consumes a lot of battery. So if you need to save battery you best look in the menu of your smartphone to disable this service, at least for the time you want to extend the life of your phone. And where can we find this service? In iOS phones find it in the notification centre, but in Android this function is in sync configurations.


Another option is to purchase a portable battery charger. These artefacts are ready to charge your smartphone at least to 50% so you can have your phone on for longer.

There are several other gadgets coming out in the market such as Ikea's furniture that will allow you to charge your phone without any cables .

How to save mobile battery life - Step 5

We are now use to use mobiles for almost anything, even to check the time or to access our profiles on social networks almost too often. These habits also consume a lot of energy, so you should do it moderately. And you? What other tips can you recommend on how to save mobile battery?

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How to save mobile battery life
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How to save mobile battery life

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