How to schedule posts On Instagram

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to schedule posts On Instagram

Are you a fan of Instagram? Do you ike to constantly publishing all types of content? Whether for personal or professional use, scheduling can save time and be more efficient in your posts. There are several tools on the market, and we will speak of the most used and valued. On, we tell you how to schedule posts on Instagram.

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The first application that we propose to program Instagram content is Chronogram. It lets you upload very agile images , with description but without filters. What you need to do is enter Instagram on your PC and set up the image you want, and schedule when you want it to be published. When approaching the time of publication, the tool sends a notice with the image you want to publish. It is available for Android and iOS.


This tool allows for content programming and scheduling, also editing pictures and videos to be loaded from your personal computer to Instagram. It has a complex and elaborate system that integrates your computer with your mobile device. It allows you to manage different accounts, and gives access to many users. However, it's not a free tool, there are 4 versions and all cost money. There is an option to enjoy the free one week trial application, and the cheapest version that costs $13.


This application is very simple, but no less effective. You can manage different Instagram accounts and even invite more users to manage and develop the programming and video. You can schedule posts several times a day, but it does not let you upload images in batch, plus picture sizes are predetermined. Instapult is a free application available for all devices.


This application is only available for iOS mobile devices. With Lattergramme you can schedule publications from your computer or even from your iPhone. It only allows you to upload images one at a time, not to upload them in batch. The application sends a reminder message when you have programmed content, so that images are open and published. There is a free version and a premium that costs $9.

Take off

This application is available for Android and iOS phones, which are synchronized with the service on the computer. Thanks to Take off you can publish pictures which you can edit at the moment or when the time comes to publish them on Instagram. A peculiarity of this application is that it suggests hashtags in real time when you receive the publication notification.

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How to schedule posts On Instagram
How to schedule posts On Instagram

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