How to See Google Location History

By Sara . Updated: December 12, 2018
How to See Google Location History

If the question “Where were you last month on the same date as today and at the same time?” is asked suddenly to anyone, most people will answer “Umm…. Let me check the calendar”, or “Maybe … the office” or “Maybe… at Home”. Most people respond to the above question with an indefinite answer and it’s a very normal thing. But with the aid of technology you can now review your past and check where you have been and also the specific place you have visited in that time. This is what google location aids in. It tracks every minute of your travel through your smartphone. To know more keep reading this OneHowTo article on How to see Google Location history.

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Google Location

Google is constantly monitoring each and every person's movements through their smartphones and tablets. Instantly a question pops up: How?. It is actually quite simple. At some point of time i.e. while going through the setup of your new device or while mindlessly clicking on OK of any app you might have allowed google to keep the location on. Since then google location is constantly sending location data and also sharing them with some third party apps. Using the mobile towers, Wi- Fi and GPS, google is constantly keeping a record of your location. Well it might appear to be creepy but actually it is necessary if you want to use the google location app to reach a certain place or any third party app such as any travel app.

Google Map Timeline

Google maps has been in existence for quite a long time. But in 2015 Google brought “Your timeline”, which shows all the places along with the specific time. You can open it and can browse through all the places you have been in the past few months. Whether you have visited any religious place or airport or museum or was just bar hopping, each and every detail along with the route is saved in the google timeline.

To see Google Location History

To see your Google Location history open Google maps in your device. Then swipe left in the sidebar. Many options will appear vertically. The option “Your timeline” would be second i.e. just below “Your places”. Click on your timeline and then you can browse through all the dates and times to know where you have been at which time.

If you are not interested in keeping your location history then you can delete all the location data. Also if you have visited some place which you do not want to store in location history then you can delete it. You can also delete location history of any particular date.

If you don’t want Google to monitor each and every step of yours then simply turn off the Google Location history.

How to See Google Location History - To see Google Location History

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How to See Google Location History
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How to See Google Location History

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