How to Send to Chromecast from an iPad

How to Send to Chromecast from an iPad

Chromecast is Google’s solution for ultimate TV streaming. With just a small device you can reproduce audio and video on your TV after streaming the content through your WiFi connection. Initially, you would have to select the content on your computer after accessing your favorite websites and then cast the content to your device so that you can watch it on the spot. Most people use their phones or tablets for convenience so it was just a matter of time for Google to allow casting from smaller devices.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how to send to Chromecast from an iPad.

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Steps to follow:

It is actually fairly easy to use an iPad to cast content to Chromecast. If you already use Chromecast on your computer you will find this tutorial very simple and straightforward. If you are new to using Chromecast it is best to begin by using your computer until you are familiar with this software.


The first step is to download the Chromecast app on your iPad if you still haven’t done it yet. Just head to the Google store, search for the app and click download. Make sure that you choose the official app and that you have plenty of storage on your device.


Then you will be required to accept the privacy policy, the terms and conditions and that you sign in to your Google account. You may need to learn how to recover your password if you don't remember.

It is also recommended that you follow these steps while connected to your usual home WiFi connection. That way your internet connection will already be stored.


Then, open your streaming app of choice such as Netflix or Hulu. There are many apps that work with Chromecast. If needed, make a quick research for the apps that work with Chromecast. As soon as you open the apps and you log in, you will get a message asking you if you want to connect your browsed content to your TV.

Click the broadcast button that appears on the center of the screen and select your Chromecast name.


After connecting both apps you can start searching for your content and only when you are ready to watch, click play. It should start playing automatically on your TV. You shouldn’t be required to link the apps every time you use them. The program should store your details.


Alternatively, you may find other apps that will allow you to select content from a web browser. For instance, you may use the Video & TV Cast for Chromecast app if you enjoy Youtube videos or other websites’ content.


For this option, once you have entered your audio or video URL on the browser, you will have to wait a few minutes until the app recognizes the link.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a message once the link has been recognized and then just click on “tap here to cast”. From there it should start to play directly on your TV.

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How to Send to Chromecast from an iPad
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How to Send to Chromecast from an iPad

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