How To Set Custom Notifications on Whatsapp for Android

How To Set Custom Notifications on Whatsapp for Android

Do you want to have different notifications on WhatsApp depending on who is contacting you? Its a very useful feature which allows you personalize the alert for each contact to help you identify who is contacting you, allowing you to prioritize important or favorite contacts if you are getting a lot of notifications. If you want to set custom notifications for different WhatsApp contacts, simply keep reading this OneHowTo Guide and follow the steps below.

If you are receiving excessive notifications from a particular contact you can also mute a contact on whatsapp or deactivate alerts for group chats.

Steps to follow:

Firstly, if you simply want to change the general notifications of WhatsApp for all calls and messages, you just need to open the app and press the 3 points icon in the top right corner. Then select settings>notifcations. From there you will be able to change the tone, vibration and LED colour for all calls and messages.

However since version 2.12.2 of WhatsApp it has been possible to customize the notifications you receive for each individual contact. If you have an older version of whatsapp then you can update to the latest version through Google Play.lay.


To change the alert tone or vibration for a specific conversation, you need to go into the chat and press on the name of the contact to bring up their information, as if to see their profile picture etc.


Once you are on the contact information screen, you should see the option to personalize the notifications for this contact or chat, so just click "custom notifications".


Next, you should tick the box to activate custom notifications, which will allow you to select a custom combination of vibrating, audio and LED alerts for this particular conversation. You can choose different notifications for both calls and messages from these options.


When you press on the different options, another pop-up menu will appear with a list of the different tones or options available on your device for this type of alert. Simply choose which alert you prefer for the chat and call notifications to differentiate from the general alert settings you have configured on your device.


Repeat the previous step for each of the parameters to change all of the options including the duration of the vibrating alert, whether or not a pop up preview of your message appears, the color of the LED, the ringtone for whatsapp calls etc.

Thats it! Now you know how to customize your WhatsApp and know who is calling or messaging you immediately.

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