How to speed up any Windows computer

How to speed up any Windows computer

If you have a Windows computer and it has started to work slowly, at we have a few solutions that will surely increase your PC's loading speed.

Read on and we'll explain, step by step, what you can change to improve your operating system's performance. It will be like having a new computer!

You'll need:
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Steps to follow:

Disable all unnecessary Startup programmes. To do this, go to 'Run' in the Start menu and type MSCONFIG. After pressing OK it will take you to system configuration.

Click on the 'Windows startup' tab and uncheck all the boxes of the programmes that start when you turn on the computer. Finally, click 'OK'.


Beware the malware! Viruses are not only dangerous on the Internet. There are also spybots that monitor the way you behave and send information to different companies. They are terrible because they drastically slow down your operating system.

To get rid of them, download 'Spybot & Search' (completely free) and remove those files.


Go to 'My Computer' and right click the mouse on your hard drive. Select properties and disable the option 'allow indexing server to index the hard drive'.


Get the best Windows performance by leaving quality to one side. To do this, go to 'My Computer', right click on the icon with the mouse, select 'Properties', then: Options/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Adjust for best performance and click OK.


If your computer is running very slowly, remove the desktop image and all your programmes. To do this, go to Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.

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How to speed up any Windows computer
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How to speed up any Windows computer

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