How to Spot a Fake Review - Useful Guide

How to Spot a Fake Review - Useful Guide

Online shopping has proved to be a boon for modern world as you can buy anything just by a click of finger and without even breaking a sweat. But shopping online can be a tricky thing too. Since there are too many choices for a single product, people heavily rely on the comments and reviews by other people. But the bad news is not all the reviews are reliable. Some reviews are put just to degrade or upgrade the reputation of the particular product. Not only in online shopping, even hotel reviews, restaurant reviews and other such online facilities too contain fake reviews. To notice them diligently keep on reading the OneHowTo article how to spot a fake review.

Review with vague information

If you come across a review which mentions the product vaguely and it doesn’t give much detail about the product then it might be a fake review. If the review is in general tone and can be applied to other products of same category then chances are that the review is fake. A real review will have specific information about the particular product it's reviewing. If not, chances are that this review has been created to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Cross check the reviewer

Some sites like provide the option to cross check the reviewer. You can view the buyer’s database and have a look at all the other products they have reviewed. If the reviewer is fake then chances are that he/she might not have reviewed any other product. Also those reviewers who are labeled as verified purchasers are the most reliable.

Similar reviews for other products

If a reviewer has used similar language to review more than one product then chances are that the review is fake. Such types of persons are the ones who are paid to write certain reviews on the website.

Pay attention to the language

If the reviewer is using too many technical or marketing terms in the review then chances are that the review is fake. Real reviews are specific about the work and benefit or defect of the product. Also in real life people don’t use much technical and marketing jargon while talking or reviewing. If the review is written in a language easy to understand for everyone, then it means that it has been written by a real buyer.

Monogamous reviewer

If the reviewer had reviewed the products of only a single manufacturer then chances are that the person is posting fake reviews. Usually companies pay for people to write good reviews about their products. If a user is only reviewing positively products of the same company then it is probable that this person is doing it because he/she is getting paid.

Many reviews in short time

If a person had submitted a number of reviews in a short period of time then chances are that the person is being paid to write reviews and hence is not a genuine review. For example if the person had reviewed a number of grooming equipment in a short period of time say 30 minutes or within a day then chances are that the person is a bogus reviewer.

Overly enthusiastic reviews

If you come across a review that holds the product in extremely high esteem and a language such as “ I will definitely advise all my friends, relatives and colleagues to use this product soon. Its soooo amazing!!!” then you must press your alert button on. It is usual for reviewers to show good emotions if they liked the product, however, too enthusiastic reviews might be fake.

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