How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

At Present, any iPhone version or apple device such as an iPad has the ability to take screenshots. This way, you can show all your contacts which part of a game you are in or share with everyone a WhatsApp conversation that has made us smile. Performing screenshots on an iPhone is very simple and you do not need to download any software to do it. So read the following step by step article from OneHowTo and learn how to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

You'll need:
  • An iPhone.
Steps to follow:

Go to the screen you would like to capture (note: that this little trick works within any application). So you can take screenshots in any iPhone menu, as well as in any app you use, such as: WhatsApp, e-mail, games, etc.


When you have prepared what you want to take a screenshot of, you must press both the power button and the'Home' (main menu) button on your iPhone and wait for the screen to make a small 'flash'.

In case you are unsure which button is which on iPhone, you can check in the image.


At this point, you'll have taken a screenshot on your iPhone and to see it, all you have to do is go to the main menu of your iPhone and tap the 'Pictures' application and then 'Camera Roll'.

This simple action will allow you to take screenshots of everything you want on your iPhone. Simple, right?


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  • Do not press the power button too long or your iPhone will eventually turn off.