How to Track Your Friend's Location Through Whatsapp

How to Track Your Friend's Location Through Whatsapp

Whatsapp now offers live-location so that you can track your friend's location with google maps as they're moving. This is a very useful feature, especially when trying to meet up with friends.

Learn how to track your friend's location through Whatsapp and how to share your own live-location. Keep reading to learn more!

New Whatsapp feature

This Whatsapp feature allows you to share your live-location more easily than ever. With the touch of a couple of buttons, you can send your friend your live location even when you're moving. This makes it easier to meet up as you know exactly where your friend is.

Just as you can share your location, you can also track your friend's live-location to know exactly where they are. The location updates as they walk or move from one location to another. Want to know how to track their location and share yours? Keep reading and follow our easy guide below!

How to track your friend's location using Whatsapp

To track your friend's location using Whatsapp, you will only need to go through a couple of steps. By using the feature offered by Whatsapp your friend will need to share their live location with you in order for you to know exactly where they are. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Whatsapp app.
  2. Open the conversation with your friend.
  3. If they haven't done so yet, ask them to send you their live location.
  4. Now you will receive a message with their live location on a map.
  5. You can simply tap on the map to see where they are and if they're moving.

Tracking your friend or spouse without their permission is more difficult to do, but it is also non-ethical. Instead, simply ask them using this easy method! You may also be interested in our article about why a profile photo isn't showing on Whatsapp.

How to share your live location on Whatsapp

Now that you know how to track your friends on Whatsapp, it's time to learn how to share your own live location. Follow these easy steps to share your live location with your friends and family on whatsapp:

  1. Make sure you have location on.
  2. Go to the Whatsapp app.
  3. Click the conversation with the friend you want to send your location to.
  4. Tap on the bottom right button that looks like a paperclip.
  5. Now tap on the location button.
  6. Next, click on “share live location”.
  7. You can now choose how long you want the live location to be. However, don't worry, you can cancel it at any time. Your choices are 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
  8. Now that you have chosen, you can tap on the send button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  9. They will now be able to see your live location until you cancel the feature or it runs out of time.

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Common questions

This Whatsapp feature is a great tool. However, there are certain questions and concerns users have about it. Let's answer the most frequently asked questions about live-location sharing on Whatsapp:

Can I send my location without WIFI or mobile data?

No, in order to send or receive someone's live location, you will both need to have access to the internet. You will also need to turn your location on.

Can people track me without my consent/ permission?

No. In order for someone to track you through Whatsapp, you will need to have your location on and you will need to manually send your live location to them as we've shown above.

How long does the live-location last?

Whatsapp gives you the option of sharing your live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

Can I stop sharing my live-location? How?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you'd like by clicking the red text below the map that says “stop sharing live location”. Then, your friend will not have access to your location anymore. You can also turn off your location in your phone's settings.

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