How to Turn Instagram Push Notifications Off

How to Turn Instagram Push Notifications Off

Push notifications have their uses. Whether you are waiting for a friend to post their first baby pictures or are eager to see what new rants Kanye has been spouting over social media, they keep you informed. The problem occurs when they can keep you too informed. As Instagram continues to add new features such as Instagram stories or Instagram live, there are even more reasons a push notification may pop up. Whether accompanied by an alert or simply overcrowding your other important alerts, these push notifications can be distracting. They can keep you from important work and add to already serious social media addictions. These are only a couple of the many reasons you may want to know how to turn off Instagram push notifications. Whatever your reasons, oneHOWTO guides you step-by-step on how to do it.

How to turn off Instagram push notifications in app

There are two main ways to turn Instagram push notifications on or off. You can either toggle them on or off on in the app itself or you can use your system settings on whatever device you have. They both have specific advantages. Turning off Instagram push notifications in app affords you the ability to choose the type of notifications you receive. Perhaps you want to hear about likes your pictures receive, but do not want to hear product announcements. By changing the push notification settings in app, you can select the notifications you want to hear from. You can also scroll through them all to turn off all push notifications.

Go to settings

Open up the Instagram app on your device. This will take you automatically to your feed where you see posts and stories from the accounts you follow. To get to the settings:

  1. Go to the bottom right of the app screen and tap on the profile button. This will take you to your profile.
  2. When you are on your profile page you will see two buttons below your profile followers and post statistics. One says ‘Edit Profile’ and the other is the settings logo which is in the shape of a cog.
  3. Tap the cog button and this will take you to the ‘Options’ page.
  4. Scroll down the options until you get to the section titled ‘Settings’.
  5. Tap on the ‘Push Notification Settings’ option.

Choose your notifications

Now that you are in the ‘Push Notifications Settings’ section, you are able to see which notifications you are able to select or de-select. In order, the current options you are given are for:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Comment Likes
  • Likes and Comments on Photos of You
  • New Followers
  • Accepted Follow Requests
  • Friends on Instagram
  • Instagram Direct Requests
  • Photos of You
  • Reminders
  • First Posts and Stories
  • Product Announcements
  • View Counts
  • Support Requests
  • Live Videos
  • Story Polls
  • Mentions in Bio

As you can see these notification settings relate to the different aspects of Instagram. These include being notified of new comments or friend requests, but also allow you to see the goings on of your Instagram Direct (this is the name for Instagram's messaging service). Some of them give you the option to receive notifications from everyone or only from people you follow. All of them allow you to turn off the notifications completely.

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How to turn off Instagram push notifications on iPhone and iOS

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or any other device which uses iOS (the operating system for Apple products), you can turn the push notifications off by going into the settings of the phone. To do this:

  1. Tap on the ‘Settings’ app which is also a cog logo, except more elaborate than the one on Instagram.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Notifications’ option which should have a red logo with a white square and circle inside.
  3. Once you are in the ‘Notifications’ section you can se a list of all the apps downloaded to your device. Scroll down until you get the the Instagram logo and tap on it.
  4. You will see a list of notification options which allow you to choose if you want to see notifications in your notification center or on the lock screen (i.e. when the phone is locked and not currently in use). You can also toggle sounds and choose the type of notifications you receive when the phone is unlocked.
  5. If you don't want to receive any notifications at all, you can simply toggle off the button to ‘Allow Notifications’. When this is off you will no receive any notifications from Instagram.

If Instagram does not appear in the list of apps wait until you receive a notification from Instagram. After receiving the notification, if Instagram still does not appear in the list uninstall the Instagram app, restart the phone and install the app again. During installation, select ‘Allow Notifications’ and the Instagram option will appear in list of the Notifications section.

If you have an Android operating system on your device, you can turn off notifications in a similar way to how you do on an iOS device. This is the option for the most recent version of Android.

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How to turn off push notifications on Android

  1. Open the settings manager of your Android phone, not the Instagram app. This will have a similar, but differently designed cog logo.
  2. In the settings manager you will find different options to look over, from Networks to Sound, Screen and General. Scroll down the ‘General’ section until you find ‘Notifications’.
  3. Similar to iOS, you will see a list of apps downloaded to your device. From this list, scroll down to the Instagram app. To the right, you should see an option to toggle all notifications on and off.
  4. Tap the toggle button and you will no longer receive Instagram push notifications on Android.

How to manage Instagram notifications on Android

You are also able to choose the type of notifications you receive from Instagram on Android devices. These options are:

  1. Allow notifications - the same as the toggle on the list, this turns all notifications on or off.
  2. Show silently - this means Instagram alerts will appear, but will not be accompanied by sound or vibration.
  3. On lock screen - this toggles Instagram alerts appearing on the lock screen.
  4. Set as priority - this means notifications will still appear even if the phone is on ‘Do not disturb’ mode.

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