How to Turn On the Spell Check on Outlook

How to Turn On the Spell Check on Outlook

Knowing how to turn on the spell check on outlook can be fundamental when writing important emails. In order to avoid spelling mistakes when writing an email, we recommend turning on your Outlook spell check.

For more, keep reading here at oneHOWTO, where we will teach you how to turn on the spell check on Outlook - a fairly easy action, since the spell check is already built into Outlook itself.

Steps to follow:

Enter your Outlook login, Click on your file tab (top-left of screen) and then click on options.


Then Click on Mail. And make sure the box always check spelling before sending has a tick.


If you don't check that box, you will have to press the "spelling and autochecking" box every time you want to use the spell check for one of your emails.


Finally, when you click "Send" the spell check will work automatically, preventing you from making spelling mistakes in your emails.

As you open the menu, you can use it to configure the spell check to your personal preference. To do this, click the "Spelling and Autocorrect" button which appears to the right hand side of the "always check spelling before sending" option. Through the Autocorrect options, for example, you can omit any words which contain numbers, internet addresses, or those which are capitalized. Sometimes the spell check automatically corrects what it considers as spelling errors, so it is better to set it not to do it.


The procedure to tun on spell check on Outlook is different when you send emails directly from instead of the electronic email program included in the Office package. In such case, it is also quite easy to turn on: when you start writing you will see the "Spell Check" option in the bar at the top of the screen. All you need to do is click on it to turn on the Outlook spell check.


If you don't see the Spell Check option next to "Send", "Insert" and "Save", you will definitely see three dots. If you click on them, a drop down panel will appear, one of its options is turn on spell check.


Does the Outlook spell check still fail to turn on? Then there are two possibilities. Firstly, it's possible that your browser is out of date, so try updating the browser to see if that works. If you still cannot turn on the spell check in the latest version of your browser, it's possible that you are using a browser that is not compatible with "turn on the spell check" feature, so you'll need to use another browser to send your emails.

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