How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Router

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Router

Using your iPhone as a wireless router to provide Internet to another computer, for example, to a computer, is very simple. In this article, I'll explain how to do this with an iPhone running iOS 7.0.4, but the process is very similar in all Apple mobile phones and is very intuitive, as is the case with most things that are Apple. It is very useful when you need to use Internet away from home or office and are not near a public place that offers you an alternative. At oneHOWTO, we answer the question of how to turn your iPhone into a wireless router.

Steps to follow:

First of all, we should highlight that in order to turn your iPhone into wireless router you have to have a data plan with your smartphone company.


After verifying this information, you simply have to go to 'Settings' and then click on the option'Share Internet'. Once inside, you will check the option, which will make the button green.


Now, your phone will appear as a visible wifi router. The name that you have to identify is the one that comes with your phone, usually something like this: 'yourname' iPhone.


There will also be a password so that only those who you want to can connect to your network. You can change the default password that appears by simply clicking on the 'Wi-Fi password' option.


Now, all the steps are completed on your iPhone can run perfectly as a wifi router. Next go to your computer, tablet laptop or smartphone and in the usual network settings, locate the wireless network that bears the name of your mobile. Then you enter the password and you'll have the Internet provided by your iPhone.


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