How to Type the Euro Symbol on a PC and Mac

How to Type the Euro Symbol on a PC and Mac

Do you need to type the euro symbol and you're not sure where to find it on the keyboard? Don't panic, your computer isn't playing tricks, it's a very common problem and there's an easy solution. There are several shortcuts that allow you to type the EUR symbol depending on your type of computer and language configuration. In this article we'll explain how to type the euro symbol on a PC and Mac keyboard.

Steps to follow:

One of the most common ways to type the euro symbol on a PC is using the following keys:

ALT Gr + E

On many keyboards, the euro symbol is on the E key (see picture).

Depending on your country's keyboard, you may find the Euro symbol wht typing:



Another option to type the symbol of this currency on PC is by pressing:



You can also use a numerical combination with the Alt key to insert the euro symbol on your keyboard:

ALT + 0128


And if you don't like any of the above suggestions, you can do it using this one command:



To type the euro symbol on a Mac bought in America, the euro symbol will come up if you press:

Option + Shift + 2


For European Mac keyborads, it will depend on the European country your keyboard is configurated in:

Austria: Option + Shift +D

Belgium: Option + $

UK and Netherlands: Option + 2

Catalonia: Option + U

Finland: Shift + 4

France: Option + $ or Option +Shift +R (with numerical keyboard)

Germany, Spanish ISO, Swiss French, Swiss German and Italian Pro: Option + E

Italy: Option + I

Portugal: Option + 3

Spain: Option + U


And if you're using Microsoft Word, you can also type the euro symbol using the menu: Insert / Symbol / EUR

It's this simple.

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