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How To Unlock My Smartphone

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Unlock My Smartphone

Phone companies usually block cell phones which are on sale so they can only be used with this comany. However, there's a way to unlock them. In some cases and, depending on the company, the process is quite simple; in others it can be quite complicated. If you still don't know the level of complexity of your device and you want to know how to unlock your smartphone, in we'll show you how to do it step by step. Just keep reading.

You'll need:

  • A smartphone
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Steps to follow:


The IMEI is your phone's international identification code, and you'll need it to unblock your device. Dial *# 06# on your cell to get the IMEI code. Write it down on a piece of paper when it appears on your screen.

Hasn't worked? If the first step is giving you problems you should know there's another way of finding the IMEI code, which is taking a look at the manufacturer's label. It is usually placed under the battery or in the original box of your smartphone. If you still can't find it we show you how to know the IMEI code for your mobile.

How To Unlock My Smartphone - Step 1

The first step you need to take to unlock your smartphone is to call your phone company or company to which your smartphone belongs, as since 2014 unlocked phones have been sold or codes have been offered to those who bought a smartphone before this date.

Therefore, call your company's customer service giving them the IMEI code you have got from the previous step, as they will then give you a code to unblock your phone to use it with a SIM from any company.

How To Unlock My Smartphone - Step 2

Another way in which you'll be able to unlock your smartphone es to switch your smartphone off and remove your SIM. Without inserting your card, switch the device back on and wait until it asks you to insert it.


Now is when you should insert the IMEI to unlock it. However, each cellphone brand and model has different requirements, which is why you'll need to follow different steps to liberate your smartphone.

If you want to know the specific method to do so, at Doctor SIM you'll find a long list of phone brands such as Samsung, iPhone or LG, though we must highlight it may not be free.

If you have an iPhone, you can learn how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked.

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How To Unlock My Smartphone