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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are one of the tools that have gone from being exclusive to one platform, in this case Twitter, to become an essential part of the language of the Internet. They are a great way to classify information and follow the development of particular trends and topics. In a different way from tag systems as used in blogging platforms like Wordpress or Tumblr, hashtags began to be used in Facebook and then introduced to Instagram.

But how do you use hashtags? Is there a trick beyond putting a pound sign in front of any keyword? Stay with us at oneHOWTO and we'll explain how to use hashtags on Instagram.

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Should you use keywords as hashtags?

What words should you use as a hashtag? You can use any word you want as long as there are no spaces and as long as it's relevant to the content you're posting.

The most common and practical way is to use keywords to describe the picture, using words that somehow define the image, the place where it was taken, etc. Popular hashtags on Instagram include #sunnyday, #dogstagram for pictures of dogs, #bnw for a black and white picture, or #foodporn for beautiful pictures of food.

Another popular technique is to use funny hashtags, more as a joke than because someone will use them in searches. This includes turning generic hashtags into puns or using them ironically, such as choosing a deliberately ugly or blurry picture and using the hashtag #aesthetics.

How many hashtags should you use?

Surely you're sick of seeing photos on Instagram with twenty different hashtags, a clear attempt to get more followers. Even though this way you'll have more results, it is not a widely accepted in social networks: try to limit yourself to three hashtags.

If you use too many hashtags on Instagram you'll call more attention to the text than the picture. Using just a few hashtags will help your followers focus on the text, keep your content relevant, and you won't be seen as a spammer.

Can you use hashtags in the comments on Instagram?

Hashtags on Instagram may be included both the general text you write to accompany the image and on the comments. There is a small distinction, though: the hashtags you add in the comments of your own photos will bring up the image in searches for that hashtag. However, if you add hashtags in the comments on other users' photos, it will not have that effect.

How to search hashtags on Instagram

If you want to view images under a single hashtag, you have two easy options: you can click on any hashtag you see on Instagram, or you can enter it in the search bar. You will see a list of photos that are labelled with that hashtag.

Who created the hashtag?

Would you like to know who used each hashtag first? The iOS Instagrammers App allows you to find out who is the author of each hashtag and when it was first used. This is great if you're researching a particular trend!

Instagram users often use particular hashtags, such as #tbt or #fbf. It is important to know what those hashtags mean in order to move around the app like a pro!

And there are even more - discover here what do the different abbreviations on Instagram mean!

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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram
How to Use Hashtags on Instagram