How to Use Instagram For Business

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 5, 2018
How to Use Instagram For Business

More than 50% of the world's largest businesses and companies have decided to create an Instagram account. At the moment there are currently over 25 million business profiles on Instagram. It's not difficult to guess the reason why: since it has reached 800 million registered users, Instagram is in the top 3 most popular social networking sites, and it's a sure way to catch the attention of potential buyers and build up your brand.

Do you want to monetize your social media presence and us it for your business? Do you want more followers and exposure for your business? In this oneHOWTO article we will discuss how to use Instagram for business, to make sure you are getting recognized and have a strong social media strategic marketing plan.

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Appropriate Username and bio

The first tip on how to use Instagram as a company and get recognized is one of the main rules of branding - always use the same username in all social media sites, ideally the same name of the company.


Use an appropriate username, we suggest the name of your company. To begin with, Instagram offers the possibility of integrating your activity on their network within other social media feeds such as Twitter or Facebook by crossposting or linking. The second reason is that users tend to label or refer to your company by the name that they know, so using the same name is the key to getting recognized and building up your brand image. By using the same name you also ensure that you are easy to find online.

Once you have established a set username or handle, it is important to also add this Instagram handle (ie: Instagram name) to your website or other connecting sites. This way, if someone is on your Facebook or Website and like what they see, they can click on your handle and find themselves linked onto your Instagram page. Remember, the easier it is for your customers, the better.


Your bio is the small explanation found under your photo on your Instagram page. When it comes to business bio’s we have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Keep it short and sweet with line breaks. This makes it easier to quickly scan.
  2. Explain who you are.
  3. Use a branded hashtag relevant to your business, if this hashtag can gain popularity, you’re onto something good.
  4. Be interactive with your followers, get them to use your hashtag. In your bio suggest a call of action. For example: Tag us, Message us if you have any questions, etc.
  5. Use Emojis, this helps with brand character. You don’t have to use smiley emojis if you think it doesn’t suit your brand. But you can use a pin emoji and next to it have your brand home-base. Keep it interesting!
  6. Always and your website URL to your Instagram Bio, this is vital.
  7. If you are a company that delivers, add the Order Page link.

Use hashtags

If your brand or company Instagram account does not have a large number of followers to begin with - this only happens for big international companies - make use of hashtags related to your company or the image that you have shared to reach out to a new audience and generate traffic.

For instance, if you're a design boutique, take a look at similar shop's accounts and see what hashtags they're using to classify and promote their products. The aim is to get you onto the instagram Explore page, which is also known as the Instagram Popular Page.This page is designed to help people and businesses gain followers and more exposure on Instagram. This explore page appears on everyone's Instagram whether they want it or not, therefore the exposure is vast. Important to remember however, is the specific algorythm that Instagram uses changes the explore page for individuals based on their own searches. Therefore, if you reach this page, it will be shown on customer’s pages that are relevant to your business.

Here you can learn more on how to use hashtags on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram For Business - Use hashtags

Brand and marketing strategy

If you want to be shown on this explore page and simply gain more followers and in turn customers, you need to understand that you have to have a marketing strategy for your Instagram page. Here are some tips:

  1. Visual consistency. If a person looks at your page and it is visually all over the place they will not take your business seriously. You’re filters and general style need to be consistent.
  1. Use a branded hashtag and always add it at the end of your caption.
  1. Know who your target market it.
  1. Post at appropriate times, for example, you will not post a photo at am when no one is online. The best time to post on Instagram depends on individual countries. However, the general rule is to post in non-working hours and weekdays.
  1. Download applications to help you manage and monitor your feed, comments, followers and exposure. There are apps like or Instagram additions such as Instagram analytics, which are social media management platforms which help you monitor performance and most importantly, post schedule. These applications allows you to schedule posts, therefore if you are busy and cannot do it manually, the application will do it for you.
  1. Follow people who are relevant and you feel share similarities with your brand. Find and comment on discussions and conversations where you can make sure your brand makes a exposed appearance.
  1. Don’t be shy! Use photos and videos. If you post a new photo on your feed, share it as well on your Instagram story to make sure people go and look and like! This will make sure it doesn’t get lost among the crowd.
  1. Collaborate with influencers! Yes, this can be an extra cost, but it is worth it. Find an Instagram influences relevant and relatable to your brand, and contact them. They will most likely set you a fee, however, if they promote your brand in a post, be sure that all their followers will become yours!
How to Use Instagram For Business - Brand and marketing strategy

Instagram Ads

Instagram has recently added a new feature also known as Instagram ads. This feature is a goldmine for businesses, allowing them an opportunity to gain exposure for a little price. This ad feature is not only designed for Instagram but also reaches out to the Facebook ad Manager. This feature allows for 5 different ad formats:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Canvas story ads
  • Story ads

To use this feature you need to have a Facebook page, from there you have to create your Facebook business page, which you can do by going to the link Once that is done, you can create an add for Instagram on the the Instagram Ad manager page. This page allows you to choose your objective, ad placement, audience. Instagram uses a system which means that per Instagram costs $0.70-$1.00 per click.

Prepare a competition or giveaway

Do you want to engage with your audience on Instagram? Create a hashtag and encourage your audience to share an image of a particular topic or theme. The funniest or the best one can win a product from your company. Draws and giveaways usually have a great response on the Internet and will attract a large number of new followers to your account.

These are our tips on how to use Instagram as a company and get recognized. Once you've started out, don't forget to check out our articles on how to measure Instagram analytics and how to monetize your Instagram account.

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How to Use Instagram For Business
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How to Use Instagram For Business

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