How To Use Whatsapp On Your PC

How To Use Whatsapp On Your PC

Did you think the day you could use WhatsApp on your PC in a fast and simple way would never come? It's here! It is now possible to talk with your friends through your laptop or PC keyboard without installing anything; although only people who have the latest version of the app will be able to access and it's still not available for iOS users. So if you also want to learn how to use WhatsApp on your PC, don't miss this article where we'll show you how to use it step by step.

Steps to follow:

First of all, you'll need to check the necessary requirements you need to use WhatsApp on your PC:

  • Smartphone (except iPhone)
  • Latest version of Whatsapp installed (2.11.498)
  • Google Chrome on your computer (it's not available at the moment for other browsers)

The first step will be to open this web page on Google Chrome:

Through this page you'll be able to use WhatsApp from your computer and, therefore, a QR code or bidi code will appear and which you'll have to use.


Before that, you'll have to open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and go to the adjustments menu. On Android, you'll find it clicking on the three vertical dots you'll se on the top right of the screen.

Once there, you'll have to press on "Whatsapp Web" to use this app on your computer.


At this moment, your phone will ask you to scan the QR code that has generated on the web page that you have previously open on your PC or laptop's Chrome browser.

To do so, you'll place your mobile camera in front of the computer screen, as if you were going to take the photo, and it will read the code and automatically open a new window on your PC's web page.


Now, your conversation and chat messages will synchronize and you'll be able to see them on your computer screen. It's important to keep your phone connected, or you won't be able to talk on WhatsApp from your computer.


And done! Now you can use WhatsApp on your computer: start a new chat with your friends and talk in conversations you had already started before, talk in groups, send files, change your state, etc. This way, you'll be able to do exactly the same thing as you could do with Whatsapp on your smartphone.


When you want to stop using Whatsapp from your computer, apart from closing the Google Chrome window, you must open the app on your phone, go to "Settings/WhatsApp Web" and there, you'll see all of the logins you've made from your computers.

When you press the " Log out from all computers" button, all the sessions you've started will shut down and you'll only be able to use WhatsApp from your mobile. Easy, right?

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  • Refresh your WhatsApp app on your smartphone up to the latest version.