How to watch Live TV on Apple TV

By Sara . Updated: June 5, 2018
How to watch Live TV on Apple TV

Apple TV has become one of the biggest names in the entertainment business. It is on the market for only $69. Through Apple TV you can watch whatever you want. Wether it is a blockbuster film or breaking news or sports of programs for kids, music concerts or anything else; you can watch all of them on Apple TV. Apple TV has provided many channels through which you can watch programs on your favorite topic.

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Apple TV Channels

Some of the Apple TV channels and what they offer the viewers are as follows:

  • iTunes Music: For every music lover this is the ultimate destination. You can play all your albums and songs by clicking Music. You can improve your collection by adding new songs by purchasing from the iTunes store.
  • iTunes Films: HD films can be watched from the iTunes Store. You can even watch the films on the same day in which they come out on DVD.
  • CBS Sports: The CBC Sports offers free and unauthenticated access to exclusive coverage of your favorite sports.
  • Tastemade: Tastemade is exclusively for people who love to travel and eat. If you live to travel and you have a passion for food then Tastemade is the best way to keep yourself informed.
  • Qello Concerts: It houses all the concert films and music documentaries you have ever known and that too in HD. Also more than 3o channels of Quello TV is free.
  • Other channels are 120 Sports, ABC News, Dailymotion, HBO GO, HISTORY, iTunes Radio, PBS Kids, Smithsonian Channel, The Weather Channel, Wall Street Journal Live, Watch Disney Channel, YouTube, Yahoo Screen, WatchESPN and many more.
How to watch Live TV on Apple TV - Apple TV Channels

How to watch Live TV on Apple TV?

Apple TV does not have the satellite/ cable or aerial socket. So, you can purchase episodes via iTunes. Also you can use the on-demand app on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone and beam them to your Apple TV. Some apps let people to tune in to the channels “live”.

For example, the TV Catch Up app allows Apple TV to tune into most Freeview channels via Internet.

On the other hand, Air Play will allow you to watch any content on your iPad, iPod or Mac on your TV, so if you have any live apps on there, they can also be watched on your TV.

Watch Google Play store content on Apple TV

For android devices if you have purchased any movies using the Google play store then you can play it on Apple TV. These movies can be played on Apple TV via You Tube Channel. In the You Tube channel just select the heading Purchases which is situated on the left.

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How to watch Live TV on Apple TV
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How to watch Live TV on Apple TV

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