Is Snapchat Safe and Private?

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is Snapchat Safe and Private?

Snapchat became very popular because its users love how private their pictures are. For those who are unfamiliar with Snapchat, it is an app that you send pictures, videos, and text through. You send them to your friends, but they only last about 3 to 10 seconds. When it came out people really liked the app because you could send any kind of pictures and these will be instantly deleted. The question is, do they really disappear and is Snapchat as safe and private as everyone thinks? OneHowTo can give you the answers.

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Pictures sent to Snapchat story

The pictures that you send to your friends on Snapchat do disappear and become private unless the person on the other end of the phone takes a screen shot of your snap. This will save the picture into their phone. The great thing about them taking a screen shot is that you will receive a notification that they did so. This will be what helps you to make the decision to block or delete them. If you do block them, they will never be able to see your photos again. Realistically you should always be aware of what you are sending people through the phone though.

Sneaky Apps

There are different apps that some people have started downloading that will save the Snapchats that you send to them. These are very sneaky apps that have come out and allow you to save the Snapchats sent to you without the other person noticing, which can be sometimes dangerous for the sender. What you want people to see is again up to you. Some of these apps are:

  • SnapBox
  • Snapchat saver
  • SnapCrack
  • SaveMySnaps
  • SnapSave
  • Casper
Is Snapchat Safe and Private? - Sneaky Apps

Be careful

The main feature of Snapchat is that the pictures only last for some seconds, however, as you've read in this article this is not always true. You should always be very careful when sending pictures or videos through this app or through any other Internet app. The data that we send out on the Internet can stay around for long time and not be private at all.

Snapchat can be a rather private app but it must be used with caution. Some people might have installed on their phones apps that save the snaps you send to them and might use them against you. We're not saying you shouldn't use Snapchat at all, just make sure that the people you're sending snaps to are trustworthy.

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Is Snapchat Safe and Private?
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Is Snapchat Safe and Private?

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