The Most Useful 3D Printed Objects

The Most Useful 3D Printed Objects

Until a few years ago, photographs were the most aesthetic pleasing item that printers were good for. Technology and artificial intelligence has caught up in the printer industry because now one is able to print 3D objects. Through these avant-garde machines you are able to create a three-dimensional copy of any object within just a few minutes or hours. The 3D printer will use scanning technology to create a model that will then be replicated using laser technology and softening material for an incredible finish.

In this oneHowTo article we share the most useful 3D printed objects.

Phone holder and amplifier

We carry our phones everywhere we go and most of the time we are scrolling over checking our email or social media. When we are working we want to try to avoid any distractions coming from our phone; however, listening to music can help us concentrate. Instead of opening up your browser to stream music you can use your phone in a more productive way by listening to your phone music playlists. With a 3D printer you can design a customized phone holder and amplifier that you can place on your desk while you work.


Watch or bracelet stand

At the store, jewelers and shop owners showcase their products on beautiful displays and on different types of stands. When you buy an expensive watch or bracelet you don’t get to keep the stand, so most people will just take it off every night and you just throw it on the bedside table. If you spent a decent amount of money on a watch you want to make sure that you take proper care of it and that you avoid any scratches. By creating a 3D printed watch stand, you can carefully place it on the stand and also use it as a decorative piece for your bedroom.


Bottle opener

It is time to stop opening bottles with your teeth. You will want to stop bragging about your ability to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener when you start losing your teeth. Bottle openers are always useful, especially for those cans that have been sealed under extreme pressure and you can’t possibly open them no matter how hard you try. There are many companies that have devised efficient bottle opener models that you can take with you to a 3D printer so that you give your teeth finally a break.


Camera lens

Creative entrepreneurship has taken off over the past few years. Videography and photography have seen a makeover as more and more people are becoming interested in capturing beautiful moments. Having a high quality camera and an artful camera lens can convert a picture into an unbelievable experience. You can now design your own camera lens that matches your vision and aesthetics if you can’t find it in the market. The 3D printer will use selective laser sintering (SLS) or fused deposition modeling (FDM) systems to print your design into an exact copy of your initial idea.


Useful 3D printed objects

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