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What is Amity Messaging App and How to Use It

What is Amity Messaging App and How to Use It

If you approach the current state of instant messaging platforms at a certain angle, there seems to be a sea change coming. WhatsApp has been bought over by Facebook and introduced new data sharing elements which are making many look to other options. iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad has just been released, offering new services, but it has also revealed problems with iMessage backup encryption. With Instagram's 'Stories' update, we are seeing a similarity of services on different platforms which might imply that all services will eventually have exactly the same functionality anyway. Having a successful new messaging system which solves all of the myriad problems tech users want from their platform seems like an uphill battle, but one new messaging and content sharing application based out of Brisbane Australia is doing just that.

Amity is their name and to better understand What is Amity Messaging App and How to Use It, read on at

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Amity's Angle

If you have seen HBO's hilarious sitcom about the California tech world, Sillicon Valley, you will know how hard it is to stay on top of your competitors and improve a product's relevance to users (two things which are very much not one in the same). Amity's model is a messaging service which seems to be as focused on the content you send to each other, including video, pictures and links, as whatever actual sentiment you might be sharing with your friends via text.

In doing so it offers you the ability to save all of your content in one place without having to search through message history to find them. This is particularly handy when you find yourself with a problem needing a quick answer and you don't have much time to get it. An example might be if someone sent you a screenshot of bank details and the teller is waiting for you to read them out, having ready access is much better than making the queue behind more upset than they inevitably already are.



This centralized content management system is one example of what they offer, so let's take a look at what else might set them apart:

  • Interactive messages: Amity offers a 2 way chat which is designed to make your messaging more 'alive', giving you the impression that you are actually having a conversation rather than just sending out little brainwaves every few seconds.
  • Requests: instead of just sending photos or content, you can request them from your contact and it will even let them know you are waiting for them.
  • Ease of use: one key element is its ease of use, allowing you to broadcast photos and videos to everyone with just the tap of a screen.
  • High-fives and emoji streams: if you look at the promotional videos for the platform you will see that this is a key visual feature they want to promote. With one touch you can send a high-five (like a 'like') and even an animated 'stream' of emojis which you can custom select. It also includes personalized stickers which add another 'fun' element which is one of their big sells.
  • Add-Nearby: allows you to add people in your vicinity, like family and friends at home or new contacts made at social or business events, by switching this mode on and off.

How to Use Amity Messenger

One of the concerns for this platform is that it works in similar way to other instant messaging platforms and there is a concern about how it might stand out from similar available products. What its main strength so far seems to be is its ease of use in sharing and accessing content combined with a responsive interface which makes instant messaging conversations more intuitive.

It can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google Play, meaning it is available for both iOS and Android. Along with the 'add-nearby' feature it can collect your contacts from address books and Twitter contacts and is looking to open these options up more.

The bottom screen has a row of icons which allows you to access all of its services easily, even dividing up sections for sending and requesting. If someone does send you a request the option to fulfil it is given to you in a little pop up box for ease. Location services allow you to share your location with others and even lets you know how far away they are.

Icons on the images themselves allow you to choose what your response and sending the emoji 'streams' couldn't be easier or more fun.


What's Missing

The product is in Beta mode, so there are some teething problems which are being worked on. One early problem was that it was given a 'false positive' on some download sites meaning that it was recognized as malware when this wasn't the case.

Another issue is the current lack of end to end encryption. What could give this product the edge is providing greater security for its users whilst still making it available to use on a wide range of devices. If this were the case, it would certainly seem like a good option for WhatsApp users to find a new alternative playing ground. The company has said they were investigating the possibility.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is awareness. The platform is interactive, intuitive and very pleasing to look at. In many regards it is a stellar product, but just because it is of good quality does not mean it will necessarily convince people to change their current preferred service. However, with software improvements and greater brand awareness, this could change. Interviews with their management seems to stress their company as one which is 'more human' and will provide a more positive impact on the tech world in a larger sense.

If you have any questions about this newly launched service, please feel free to leave a comment below.

If Amity can get a foothold, it seems to have the drive and positivity to make their messaging service one which is worthwhile for their individual users and the greater tech world in general. If you want to find out for yourself you can download it now on iTunes and Google Play.

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What is Amity Messaging App and How to Use It
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What is Amity Messaging App and How to Use It