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What To Do If The DNS Server Is Not Responding

What To Do If The DNS Server Is Not Responding

If you usually connect to the Internet through WiFi one day you may find that, suddenly, the connection is not working. If after searching to establish what the problem is you see a message that says DNS server is not responding we have good news for you: the solution is quite simple. If after performing this little trick things still do not work then the problem may lie elsewhere. In we tell you what to do if the DNS server is not responding.

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Before starting to solve the problem, you should make sure that it's not a problem of your particular device but a problem of the DNS. Connect another device to the network and try to access a webpage from that device. If you're still getting the message of DNS error, it means that the problem comes from the router of within your ISP. If you can access the website it means that the problem comes from the first computer.


If the second device can access the webpage, go to your first device and open a new browser. The problem might come from the browser. Sometimes there are problems with the proxy settings. Check it out and if the problem persists, go to the next step.


To solve the problems born from the fact that the DNS is not working go to Start > Execute. In the blank field type cmd and press enter.

If you use the Windows 8 operating system you may find it helpful to consult our article on how to open a command window in Windows 8.


A window opens in DOS. Type ipconfig/release at the cursor and press enter.


Next, type ipconfig/renew and press enter. If this solution does not work you can also try to reset the internal DNS in your computer by using the command ipconfig/flushdns.


Restart the computer and router. When everything is running again you should have no trouble connecting to the Internet.

If you're using Windows 8, here at OneHowTo you can read an article on how to change the DNS server on this particular operative system.

Likewise, we can explain how to change the DNS wit those of another server to try to improve the connection and increase Internet speed.


If your connection continues not working it will no longer be a problem of the DNS server not responding and so you should contact your Internet service provider company.


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What To Do If The DNS Server Is Not Responding
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What To Do If The DNS Server Is Not Responding