Which App Makes The Most Money

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 20, 2017
Which App Makes The Most Money

Nowadays we treat our smartphones more like a personal computer. With apps of all types on our mobile phones, it is no wonder that the companies behind these apps make a lot of money.

If you have ever wondered which apps make the most money, it can be hard to find a definite answer as there are various ways of measuring this and gathering the necessary data is not always possible. However, we at have put together a quick guide to tell you which apps currently make the most money and what they are doing for you.

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Instagram is one of the number one apps in the world of social media. Instagram allows its users to take pictures of their every day activities and post them freely. When people like any of the photos that they put on the site, they are given a heart. This means that another user liked their photo. There are ways to edit photos on Instagram as well. This is what first attracted a lot of the users.

This app was made in October of 2010 and has made over $1 billion. It has well over 100 million users and about less than 2 years after it was created, it was purchased by Facebook. In 2015 it is predicted to make $770m through advertising revenue, and this figure is predicted to increase to $5.8 billion by 2020.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was an app that was developed in December of 2009. So far it has made over $250 million and over 1 billion users play it regularly. It has been one of the best games that ever came out for the iPhone and now there is a wide market for the products made by this company. Its not just the app which generates revenue, as the sale of licensed t-shirts and stuffed animals associated with the brand have become an important source of revenue. This app is continuing to make a whole lot of money.

Other mobile games which generate serious revenue are candy crush saga and Clash of Clans, both of which use in-app purchases to generate revenue using a so called "free-mium" model where the initial download cost is zero.

Which App Makes The Most Money - Angry Birds
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Draw Something

Draw Something is a fun app that is much like the old game of Pictionary. It was created in February of 2012. It has raked in over $200 million and has over 100 million users. This app had made so much money in only 50 days after it was created. It pulled in over $100k a day with 50 million users. This game is one of the biggest money making apps there is.

How Do Apps Make Money?

How do free apps make money? There are several ways but the main sources of revenue are advertising and in-app purchases. If you have noticed, there are always other perks that you can buy along with the free download of your app.

For games, you can buy more changes to play and merchandise. For Facebook, you can buy ad space to sell any products that you may want to promote. There is always a way for an app company to make money and with technology exploding the way it is, this may be a good business to get into.

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Which App Makes The Most Money
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Which App Makes The Most Money

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