Why are Drones Flying over my House?

Why are Drones Flying over my House?

Though drones were originally invented to substitute helicopters for warfare purposes, they have become the latest thing among UAV fanatics, and the possibility to add accessories and cameras has fascinated many and encouraged people to purchase their own drone for personal use. If you have spotted a drone around your house lately and are curious to know the possible reasons, take a look at this OneHowTo article and find the answer to why drones are flying over your house.

The Neighbor

As we've said, there are many people that decide to purchase a drone for their own personal use for recreational purposes. If you have seen the drone fly over your house several times, especially during daytime and at hours when people are usually off work, then you could safely guess it is one of your neighbors playing with his/her new expensive toy.

The Police

If you're wondering why are drones flying over your house, it also may be the Police. Though not confirmed, it is said that several police forces in some countries have substituted helicopters for drones to perform their duties. You will probably notice if you see the drone is fairly far away from the ground, as Police would know violation regulations and would not come as close as to violate privacy laws.

Commercial use

Another option that would explain why a drone is flying over your house is that there are companies that use these devices for commercial use. A TV program might be shooting footage of your neighborhood, or a company might be taking photos for real-estate purposes. It might even be Google, taking new pictures for the Google Earth app.

Is the drone invading your privacy?

There have been several cases of people who feel the presence of a drone is invading their privacy, especially if someone has spotted a drone flying low over their homes several times.

Though there are different laws regarding drone use in different countries, you should know that shooting a drone is a legal offense and could get you arrested. In fact, it can be a federal crime to shoot down a drone in several states in the US. Check state laws on drone issues before you take this kind of action.

So what should you do? Providing that the legal maximum height of an aircraft is 250 feet above the ground, you can follow the drone and try to find the person who is controlling it. Kindly ask the person to stop flying it over your home, and if the person does not take any notice, your best bet is to sue the drone operator. The person may be charged for Private nuisance, trespassing or invasion of privacy.

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