Why Does My Canon Printer Say No Ink and How to Disable It

Why Does My Canon Printer Say No Ink and How to Disable It

Buying ink cartridges for a Canon printer is sometimes costly, especially if you use your printer regularly and need new cartridges often. Refilling Canon printer cartridges is a great way of saving money, as well as avoiding buying new ones. However, when cartridges have been refilled, the printer does not recognise that the cartridge is full again. It is still "seen" as empty, so you receive a message that there is no ink. However, when you're aware that the ink cartridge is full, you can turn off the ink monitor to clear this message. So, this OneHowTo article explains why does my canon printer say no ink and how to disable the 'no ink' alert on Canon printers.

Steps to follow:

First, it's worth noting that this warning indicator problem typically occurs with Canon printers when using ink cartridges that have been refilled i.e. when it is not an original product from the manufacturer. In many cases, they are too expensive and it is much cheaper to opt for the alternative. So, this why you canon printer says no ink.


So, even though the installed cartridges are full of ink, your printer will detect them as empty and will send a warning message that it is out of ink. Besides being annoying, this alert makes it impossible to print documents as it disables the printer.


The simplest way of disabling the ink alert on Canon printers is to press the Stop/reset button on your printer (marked in the picture with a red arrow) when the alert message appears. It is important that you keep it held in for at least 15 seconds in order to stop the warning.


You'll then see that your printer will begin to print the documents that were in the print queue on your computer. Note that you'll need to repeat this action every time you want to print a document as it's not possible to permanently disable the 'no ink' alert on Canon printers.

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  • If the ink monitor is disabled, you need to manually check the level of ink in the cartridges on occasion. You will not be alerted when a cartridge is low or out of ink.