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How to Eject a CD or DVD from an Apple Mac

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Eject a CD or DVD from an Apple Mac

Among the many differences between PCs and Macs is the fact that there is no tray to insert and eject a CD on a Macintosh, rather you put it directly into a slot. But this feature is so "cool" it can sometimes be a nightmare. If you can't eject a CD from a Mac don't worry, by following this advice you will learn how.

You'll need:

  • A Macintosh computer
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Steps to follow:


The most common way of ejecting a disc on a Mac - either a CD or a DVD - is to drag it into the trash or press the eject button commonly found in the upper right corner of the keyboard.


If the disc is not displayed, go to Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility, and eject from there.


If your Mac is still resisting, there are two other options. The first can be more complex, using the command line, but it allows you to perform ejection of the disc without rebooting the system. Access the terminal from Applications / Utilities / Terminal.


Before that, go to system profile / about this mac / more information. There you can find out the BSD disk name you want to eject. As the disc (CD or DVD) is in the reader, you will find it in the ATA section.


Once you know the name is something like "disk1so", just go to the terminal and enter the following command: hdiutil -force eject /dev/disk1s0


Remember to put the name of your disk at the end of the order (after /dev/), as the above is just an example.

How to Eject a CD or DVD from an Apple Mac - Step 6

If this method did not work, the most simple way is to reboot the system and keep the mouse pressed during the restart. Although it seems strange, it works! This is how to force eject of a DVD or CD disc from a an Apple Mac computer.

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How to Eject a CD or DVD from an Apple Mac