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How To Use Uber

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 14, 2022
How To Use Uber

Looking for a way to get around the city comfortably and without a taxi? Then you need Uber. This is an app that allows you to use private car services with a driver for your transfers in a much more personal, comfortable and exclusive manner. Want to know all about using Uber and why it has become so controversial? At we will explain.

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Steps to follow:


Uber is an application that is revolutionising the world and causing a great controversy among the union of taxi drivers. This is an app that allows us to seek the services of a private car with a non-professional driver previously approved by the company.

Thus, the traveller receives personalised treatment and comfort, ideal for those who are not comfortable using the services of a taxi and who prefer a more exclusive alternative.


The first thing to do is register on Uber by going to its website and completing the registration form, here you must provide your name, mobile phone number and a valid credit card number to make charges each time you use the service.


Once all your details are entered in the Uber website, you need to download the app which it is available for all major smartphone operating systems. You can find it in the Android Play Store, the iPhone App Store and BlackBerry App World.


When the Uber app is downloaded to your phone and you want to use it, enter the user data you provided in the registration process. This step is only necessary the first time you use the application.


Through the GPS or by manually entering your address, the app detects your location and sends an Uber vehicle. The services of this app, which varies from city to city, includes different types of cars according to customer need. So you can choose between:

  • A black car, the classic Uber service that sends a black sedan vehicle for up to 4 passengers to the address you choose.
  • UberX, also for up to four people, but it is a cheaper vehicle.
  • An SUV, perfect for large groups since it has a capacity for 6 people.
  • Lux, ideal for those who want a driver with a luxury car and to comfortably and elegantly travel to any destination.
How To Use Uber - Step 5

After choosing the car, Uber provides you with the approximate time it will take the driver to get to your destination, their location and phone number to contact you in the event that they take longer than expected. It is important to know that with Uber you cannot pay cash. All payments will be deducted from the credit card you provided on the form, so you do not need to carry cash and don't even have to leave a tip for the driver.


With all these features why has this service become so controversial? Basically the many members of the taxi driver's guild in the world think that these kinds of apps reduce their workload and affect their economy. On the other hand, users believe that it increases supply, making it increasingly possible to use other transportation options.

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How To Use Uber