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How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: September 5, 2023
How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case

Clear phone cases are often made of silicone or other plastics to get the transparent look. This can make our phone look great on its own, especially if we have a nice looking device. We can also decorate them easily and, unlike opaque phone cases, we can put cards and other pictures underneath which we can see. Since we use our phones more and more, it can be so easy for them to become dirty. With clear phone cases, the dirt is much more visible and they are also prone to yellowing.

At oneHOWTO, we show you how to clean a transparent phone case. We show you some tricks to get rid of the dirt and the make it shine like new again.

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  1. Can you bleach a phone case?
  2. Baking soda
  3. Lemon
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Hydrogen peroxide
  6. How to prevent a clear phone case becoming dirty

Can you bleach a phone case?

You have probably used bleach to disinfect floors, to remove stubborn dirt stains or to get rid of bad odors. Bleach can be just as useful on a phone case since the plastic shouldn't react negatively with the bleach.

The exception for this is if you are cleaning colored silicone covers. In these cases, this method will not work for you, since the bleach could drag the color of the product and spoil it completely. Only use this trick to clean transparent silicone phone covers.

  1. Before touching the bleach, we recommend putting on gloves, as the product could irritate your skin.
  2. Mix three parts water with two parts bleach in a medium-sized bowl.
  3. If your cover is of good quality, we advise you to leave the cover in the container for 30 minutes to achieve total cleaning and to leave no traces of yellow stains.
  4. If your case is of poor quality, it is better to soak a sponge in the mixture and rub the cover well on both sides until the dirt is completely removed from the plastic.
  5. Once you have completed the cleaning, you will have to rinse the cover with plenty of water and dry it properly.

If you use this mixture and get some on your skin, you might want to take a look at our article on how to get rid of the bleach smell from your hands.

Baking soda

If you think bleach is too caustic and want to use more natural products, you can also learn how to clean a transparent silicone case with baking soda. This whitening and disinfectant product is ideal for removing the dirt embedded in your mobile phone case and cleaning it thoroughly.

  1. Fill a bowl with a half cup of warm water, then add a generous tablespoon of baking soda.
  2. Stir the baking soda well into the water until it forms a paste.
  3. Wait for the effervescent effect to subside before using the remedy.
  4. Spread the mixture obtained well on the outside and inside of the cover, trying not to miss any corners.
  5. Let the mixture act for approximately 40 minutes.
  6. After this time, clean the cover with a soft brush, trying to rub the baking soda paste and water in all the corners.
  7. Finally, rinse the accessory with plenty of warm water.

If when rinsing the cover you find it difficult to remove all the paste, you can use vinegar. Squirt over the accessory to help loosen the baking soda residue and you're done. For more general help, check out our guide on how to use baking soda to get rid of stains.

How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case - Baking soda


Wondering how to clean a transparent rubber phone case with other home remedies? Here, lemon can be your best bet. Its high content of citric acid makes this fruit a perfect antibacterial and whitening option. So, if you want to restore shine to your mobile case and eliminate yellowish traces, we encourage you to use this remedy:

  1. In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with a good squirt of lemon juice.
  2. Add two tablespoons of water to the mixture so that the soap can dissolve well.
  3. Mix all the products until they are completely diluted.
  4. Next, soak your phone case and let the solution work for a couple of hours.
  5. After this time, rub the cover with a soft brush to help remove any remaining residue and remove the remaining dirt.
  6. Finally, rinse it off with plenty of lukewarm water and dry the accessory well.

And if you want more information and tips on how to clean with lemon, be sure to visit this other oneHOWTO article.


Did you know that toothpaste is a fabulous home remedy for phone accessories that have turned yellowish? If you want to make your clear phone case very shiny and lustrous with a few simple steps, see how you can do this with a humble tube of toothpaste:

  1. Apply the toothpaste to the surface of the cover.
  2. Spread it in circular motions, using a microfiber cloth or a similar soft utensil so as not to damage the material.
  3. With the help of a toothbrush, drag the toothpaste to the inside of the cover, accessing the most difficult nooks and crannies.
  4. Do not forget the holes for the camera or the headphones, as they are areas where dirt accumulates without us noticing.
  5. Once you have scrubbed all these corners well with the brush for a few minutes, rinse the cover with warm water.

Don't forget to dry the case completely with a clean cloth, you will see how in a matter of minutes your transparent case regains its shine. Now you know how to clean a phone case with toothpaste, you can see how to do the same with your nails.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide,sometimes known simply as peroxide, is one of the most powerful cleaning products, since it is a great natural disinfectant. For this reason, we recommend you be careful when using this product, since it could damage the material of the case if it were in direct contact with the accessory for a long time.

To clean a transparent phone case with hydrogen peroxide, you will need to:

  1. Wrap the case in plastic wrap and place it in a deep bowl.
  2. Then add the hydrogen peroxide to the container until the accessory is completely covered.
  3. Let it work for approximately two hours.
  4. When the necessary time has elapsed, remove the cover, remove the plastic wrap and rinse it.

If your case is not of very good quality, we recommend you soak it in a mixture of water with just a splash of hydrogen peroxide. In this case, you will not have to wrap your cover with plastic wrap, but you will have to remove it after approximately 30 minutes.

How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case - Hydrogen peroxide

How to prevent a clear phone case becoming dirty

You already know how to clean a transparent case with effective home remedies. However, it is always best to prevent this happening in the first place, something which can be tricky with clear plastic.

Whether you are wondering how to clean a colored silicone case, a transparent silicone case or a rubber phone cover, it is imperative that you use some basic disinfection and cleaning techniques. These allow you to keep the everyday dirt on your case at bay. We advise you don't to overlook cleaning with soap and water every two or three weeks.

  1. Take dish soap (ideally natural) and mix it with water in a sufficiently deep container.
  2. The amount will depend on the size of the cover.
  3. Let your case soak for an hour and, after this time, rub the accessory with an old toothbrush to finish removing the dirt.
  4. Finally, rinse the cover well and dry it with a clean cloth.

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Cleaning my transparent phone case was a breeze, thanks to these fantastic tips! A mixture of mild soap and warm water did wonders to remove smudges and dirt without damaging the case. Gently scrubbing with a soft cloth made it crystal clear again.
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How to Clean a Transparent Phone Case