How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories

The Apple watch created quite the excitement when it was released. Many people love that you can take phone calls, text, and even count your calories during your workout on it. But how can a device that we wear on our wrists calculate the calories we spend during a day? At OneHowTo we walk you through the process so you can understand how the Apple watch calculates calories.

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Calibrating your Apple watch

First, your Apple watch must be calibrated so that your information is as accurate as possible. The more accurate your watch is, the better it will calculate your calories and your workout information. The question is how do you make sure that your Apple watch is calibrated properly?

First, make sure that you have a good GPS signal. This can be obtained when you do an outdoor workout. The better signal that your GPS has on your watch, the better the calorie count and workout information will be. Your performance will be better monitored if your watch has a great signal.

Your Apple watch will need other information to properly calculate the calories you burn. You'll have to add your age, height, weight and gender, so your watch will be able to make good readings of your activity.

How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories - Calibrating your Apple watch

Turning on your location and calibration

When using your Apple watch, it is important to turn your location on. You can do this by going into your settings then to the privacy category. Under this you will find the location setting. The next category that you need to check is is the distance and motion calibration. Make sure that these are turned on as well. You can find this under the settings category then go to the system settings to turn them on.

Having the best workout and burning the right amount of calories

When you are all ready for your workout, make sure that your Apple watch is on your wrist properly. It should be tight and properly placed on your arm. When you open up the app to start your workout, make sure to select the workout that you are doing. Set a goal for your calories burned and you will be ready to go.

The way that your Apple watch counts your calories is through proper calibration. If your Apple watch is not calibrated, your calorie count will be way off. By following the proper set up steps, you can be sure that your watch will count properly and that your workout will be accurate. You may have to calibrate it again, but once you do it a couple of times, it should know you well.

How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories - Having the best workout and burning the right amount of calories
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The number of calories burned is never entirely accurate

Some users have noticed on the Apple watch that depending on the type of activity you choose on the watch, the calories burned increase or decrease. Also, some people have realised that two different devices give them two very different readings of the calories burned.

You need to bear in mind that, regardless of all the information and parametres your activity tracker has, it is hard to determine the exact number of calories you burn. The information on these devices should be used as a guide to improve or maintain your fitness level.

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How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories
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How Does the Apple Watch Calculate Calories

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