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How Much does a Drone Cost

Alba Charles
By Alba Charles . Updated: January 20, 2017
How Much does a Drone Cost

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) most commonly known as drones, have become very popular recently. Drones were originally invented for warfare purposes, as substitutes for helicopters, but nowadays their uses are widely spread. One of the most popular uses for drones these days is as a camera. The fact that they can fly makes them great for taking beautiful images and videos from above. For this reason, many companies and even private consumers have started buying drones. But are they expensive? There are many factors that will contribute to the price of the drone such as the quality of the camera it has attached, the body structure of the device or the length of the battery life.

Note that, if you want to purchase a drone, it is important that you read the airspace regulation of your country, as there might be a restricted height in which you can fly and other rules of safe flying that you should know.

If you like photography and video and are amazed by the shots you can take with a drone, don't miss out this OneHowTo article and discover how much a drone costs.

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  1. Cost of a drone for complete beginners
  2. Cost of a drone for intermediate users
  3. Cost of a drone for experts
  4. More expensive doesn't always mean better

Cost of a drone for complete beginners

If you don't have any previous experience with UAV it is advisable that you don't buy a very complicated drone with lots of features. There are simple drones that you can purchase for less than $100, so you can try them out and discover if you like flying them or not. These beginners drones will usually be small and will have short battery life. Some of the main characteristics of these cheaper drones will be:

  • Short batteries that will last only minutes (around 10 minutes)
  • Small size
  • Not smartphone controlled. You will be able to remotely control your frone but you'll only be able to do it with the device that comes with the drone, it won't be possible to control it with your smartphone.
  • Low-quality camera (around 0.3 megapixels)

The truth is that you won't be able to take high definition shots with these drones, but they are perfect to learn how to fly and get used to the controls of a remote device.

These cheaper drones will be a bit difficult to fly (they won't have as many sensors and flight controllers inside) so if you're sure you like drones and have the money, we recommend you to spend a little bit more and get a better device.

How Much does a Drone Cost - Cost of a drone for complete beginners

Cost of a drone for intermediate users

The drones included in this section range from $100 to $800. Purchasing an intermediate drone is the best option if you want good quality-price relation. For $500 you can get a really good drone that can offer you great quality in-flight video. Moreover, these drones will have better sensors and flight controllers, so using them will be much easier. The main characteristics of these drones are:

  • Longer battery life (it can last for more than 20 minutes)
  • Medium-high quality camera
  • Possibility of controlling with with a smartphone
  • Easier to find replacement parts
  • Medium size

These drones are the best if you want a good quality device that doesn't cost a lot of money. Of course the ones closer to $100 will be simpler than the ones closer to $800, but the overall quality of all these makes them better for intermediate users or even some beginners.

How Much does a Drone Cost - Cost of a drone for intermediate users

Cost of a drone for experts

Drones used by professionals and expert private consumers are much more expensive and offer many options of use. These drones can cost thousands of dollars and are only recommended for expert users that can make the most out of them. These expert drones will record images in high definition and their flying mode will be smooth and easy. The characteristics of these drones are:

  • Longer battery life
  • High-quality camera
  • Smooth and easy flying
  • Large size

More expensive drones don't only serve as photography and video tools, they can also be used for search and rescue, 3D mapping and other professional purposes. These will have a more elaborated working system and will last for longer time.

How Much does a Drone Cost - Cost of a drone for experts

More expensive doesn't always mean better

Very cheap drones might not be too useful as they sometimes don't have camera or their flight mode is complicated. However, very expensive drones are not made for everyone either. If you're looking for a drone that can take good pictures and videos as well as being easy to fly, the best option is to spend an average of $500.

The cost of drones can vary due to many factors, but be prepared to pay around $500 if you want a drone with a good quality-price relation.

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  • Research thoroughly before buying a drone. It is better to spend some time comparing different models and getting the one that will work better for you.
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How Much does a Drone Cost