How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 13, 2018
How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone

With the new iPhone 5s, Apple recently launched an identification system to access the smartphone called Touch ID. This system is based on the user's fingerprint. Each phone may have several different fingerprints and these operate as a totally personal identification code, for example, to unlock the mobile or to download applications. To help you to use all the functions of your device, at oneHOWTO we explain how to activate Touch ID on your iPhone. To do this you will need to use the iOS operating system which will work very similar on other Touch ID enabled products such as the iPad.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you have to do is click Settings and then go to Touch ID and Passcode option. If you have a passcode put on to your phone, then you will need to type this number in to under the slogan. To activate the Touch ID, press Unblock iPhone and so the scanning of your first fingerprint will be automatically initiated.

How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone - Step 1

The system will start indicating on screen what you need to do at each stage. You have to rest your finger on the home button, but without clicking, simply resting on it. Choose a finger which will then be simple to use in the movement to unblock the iPhone. Your fingertip must be dry otherwise it won't work.


In the first part of the process the central part of your fingerprint will be scanned. To do so, the finger should cover the whole of the home button. You will see on the screen a grey print that will gradually colour in red; this is the system working to capture your digital fingerprint in as part of the process of setting up Touch ID in iPhone. The system will ask you to lift and lay the finger on the button several times; follow the instructions carefully.


When it the central part of your fingerprint has been scanned, the system will let you know. Then the capturing of edges will start. For this, you will have to move your finger edge around the home button. As in the first part of the process, you must lift and rest the finger several times as the print on screen turns red until completed.


When your print for Touch ID is created, you will have to take one more step to activate. You have to provide a numeric code of four figures which will serve as a backup password in those cases in which Touch ID is not available. Then you will have your fingerprint created and you will see this in Settings.

How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone - Step 5

As you can see, you can add more prints of iPhone TouchID and even delete the one you have just created. In addition, if you wish you can choose to use this print code for downloading from the iTunes Store and App Store.

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How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone
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How to activate Touch ID on an iPhone

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