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How to Cancel an Order on Flipkart Online

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How to Cancel an Order on Flipkart Online

Flipkart is one of the most trending online shopping sites out there, carrying a wide range of products to offer, including apparel, footwear, electronics, books, kitchen appliances etc. Placing orders on Flipkart is easy and fast, but there may be times when you want to cancel an order. You may change your mind, or want to order another product in place of the item you already ordered. If you've bought something on Flipkart but you don't want it anymore, read this OneHowTo article and find out how to cancel an order on Flipkart online.

Conditions to cancel an order

You are allowed to cancel an order only if the product has not been shipped yet. If you cancel your order at this stage, the entire amount of your order will be refunded. In case your order has been shipped out, but you have still not received it, you may cancel the order, and your refund process will start once Flipkart receives the order back through courier. Unfortunately, you may not cancel your order once it has been delivered at your doorstep.

Steps to cancel a Flipkart order online

Follow these steps to cancel an order on Flipkart online:

  • Log in to your Flipkart account, and click on the ‘My Orders’ link to reach your account web page
  • Select the item that you want to cancel, and click on the ‘View Details’ link next to it
  • You will reach the detailed order page, where you will see a ‘Cancel’ link against every item in your order
  • Click on ‘Cancel’ link against the item that you want to cancel the order of
  • Indicate the reason for canceling the order, select the mode of your refund, and confirm your order cancellation
  • Once you have created your order cancellation request, your cancellation process starts and you get your refund within the stipulated period of time
  • We should also remind you that OneHowTo only gives this information so you can proceed on the Flipkart web and have nothing to do with the company. Please refrain from asking us to cancel an order and follow the instructions listed above.

Modes of refund after cancellation of a Flipkart order

Flipkart refunds your money via two different modes:

  • They may add the amount to your Flipkart wallet, which you can use to make other purchases on the site. This is applicable for sellers having Flipkart Advantage only.
  • Or, they may refund the money back to the bank account or mode of payment you used to pay for the order.

You will be asked to choose your mode of refund while canceling the order. You should choose the mode of your preference, and cancel the order online.

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How to Cancel an Order on Flipkart Online
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How to Cancel an Order on Flipkart Online