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How to be a Popular YouTuber That Makes Money

Rebecca Doughty
By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: August 31, 2020
How to be a Popular YouTuber That Makes Money

Over the last decade, YouTube has been an increasingly popular and growing website. Since its creation in 2005, the website has not only been an outlet for thousands of funny and viral videos, but it has also become a way for video bloggers, or vloggers, to make money through regular uploads and dedication to their followers. To many, making money through YouTube sounds like great opportunity. It can be a lot of fun making money through something you enjoy but it requires time, effort and above all, patience. So here at OneHowTo we're going to tell you how to be a popular YouTuber that makes money.

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Steps to follow:


To be popular on YouTube and make money, you first need to start your channel. You can open a YouTube account and set up a username for free. Your username can be crucial to getting noticed and becoming popular, so ideally you want to choose something short and if your videos are themed, then relating to your content. Your username is also important in gaining popularity across all social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, so choose something memorable!

When you have opened you YouTube account, you can start preparing your channel. Becoming popular and making money on YouTube requires attention to detail. Adding keywords to your channel that relate to your content is important so that your YouTube videos are easily found through related searches.

How to be a Popular YouTuber That Makes Money - Step 1

Now it's time to add content to your YouTube account. Try and ensure that your content is of high quality. Use good quality equipment to film your videos so the video appears clear. When filming, factor in the lighting by making sure you are facing a light and that your video isn't full of shadows. Don't make your videos too lengthy because as viewers we have short attention spans and you don't want viewers getting bored and clicking away.

Becoming popular on YouTube requires knowing what viewers want to watch and what they enjoy. Always try and make your next video even better than the last to keep your audience interested. Upload new videos regularly but not too often. It's best to start slow, build up an audience-base and upload more frequently as you gain follower momentum. This way people are more likely to subscribe to your channel and share your videos!

Again, keep adding tags and keywords to your YouTube videos so that they are found easily and shared often. By using keywords that you know people are searching for, it is easier to create content that will be noticed in a simple search for that particular keyword. Don't forget to give your videos an interesting description to draw people in.

How to be a Popular YouTuber That Makes Money - Step 2

Once you have developed a following and promoted your YouTube videos through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you can start to monetise your content. This enables you to start earning money through your YouTube Videos.

Monetising your YouTube videos means that you are allowingYouTubeto place adverts on your videos. To monetise your videos as you upload, click the 'Monetisation' tab and tick the 'Monetise with ads' box.

To monetise a YouTube video after it has already been uploaded, open video manager and click on the '$' sign next to the video you want to monetise. Again, tick the 'Monetise with ads' box.


If you are over the age of 18, you can setup Google Adsense which allows you to gain money through your audience clicking on various adverts on your content. The larger audience you have the more money you will earn from this which is all part of becoming popular and making money on YouTube. Your audience is key to making money on YouTube.

Note: You will need a PayPal or bank account and an email account to set up Google Adsense.


Once you have started uploading your YouTube videos regularly and have developed a following, you can monitor your content and views in your 'Analytics' section on your YouTube account. This way you can see which videos are most popular and what type of audience you are attracting. You are now on your way to becoming popular on YouTube and making money from your channel!

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How to be a Popular YouTuber That Makes Money