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How to Know What People See on my Facebook Profile

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Know What People See on my Facebook Profile

Privacy on Facebook has become an obsession for users as we all want to decide what we want to show publicly and what we prefer to keep to ourselves. This social network has made many advances and nowadays you can even check what other people see when they visit your profile.

If you're not sure you have successfully locked your posts, know that you can now discover, in just one simple step, what you are sharing with the world publicly. If you don't know how to find this specific function, stay with us at OneHowTo and we'll teach you how to know what people see on my Facebook profile step by step. You'll see how a specific person sees your profile - for example, your boss, your grandmother or your best friend and be able to decide how you want to set your privacy settings.

You'll need:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A Facebook account
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Steps to follow:


The first step you must take to know what people see in your Facebook profile is to log into your account. After going on the Facebook website and logging in with your email and password, go to your Facebook profile.

To the bottom right of your cover picture you'll find the "Activity Log" button with a wheel next to it. Click on the wheel and select "View as..."

How to Know What People See on my Facebook Profile - Step 1

Once you've clicked there, the screen will show you how your Facebook profile to all users you're not friends with - that is, the Public profile view. You can check what posts, tagged pictures or information is available.

This is the place to lock away what you want to keep private. As you can see at the top left of your screen, this is a general vision. Click on "View as Specific Person" to know what someone can see on your Facebook profile.


Use that menu at the top of this screen to see how a particular person sees your profile. Simply type in the name of the person and press on the intro button.

The publications listed are now seen as the person you've selected; this way you can see if this particular person can see your tagged pictures and posts or not, and change it.

How to Know What People See on my Facebook Profile - Step 3

If you don't like what you just saw on your Facebook profile, you can always edit your privacy settings.

In order to change any of your privacy settings, you'll only need to go to the Settings menu at the top right of the screen, where your name is. Click on the small locker icon called "Privacy shortcuts".


This is where you can edit your Facebook account's privacy settings by clicking on the relevant part of the drop-down menu. You can manage different options and levels of privacy; you can even set it up so that some information is completely private.

If you want, you can also hide some friends from your list so that people can't see that you're connected.

This is how to know what people see on my Facebook profile. Remember that to help protect your data, OneHowTo has written several articles on Facebook giving tips and offering tutorials.

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How to Know What People See on my Facebook Profile