How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

Instagram’s popularity is skyrocketing day by day. Not because of the selfies posted or because of Keeping up with Kardashians; its popularity got a huge leverage due to its monetizing option. Monetizing Instagram helps us to use our passion and hobbies to earn money through this photography app. You just need a unique idea/content, promote the idea by capturing it through lens using innovative ways, and as your followers increase more and more you will learn money from your advertising. Curious about how to do it? Read this article on how to monetize your Instagram account.

Pick a specific niche on which you specialize

At first pick up a specific niche where your interest and creativity lies. It may be electronics or beauty or home décor or food or any other field in which you have a thorough knowledge. The more specific it is, the better it would be for your Instagram account because you will get a more focused audience. This will help you monetize your account.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account -  Pick a specific niche on which you specialize

Post everyday

Posting on a daily basis will show how active and passionate you are about your field of choice. This will increase the interest of more and more people toward your work. Also, followers tend to unfollow users who remain inactive for a long time. So, it’s quite important to post every day.

Share quality image

Want to attract followers? Then share quality image. Want to showcase your brand? Then share quality image.

Basically quality image is the key to increase your popularity and attract followers on Instagram. Nowadays almost every good phone has a good quality camera. However, if your camera can't take good quality pictures then it is better to invest on another phone with a better camera. You'll see the results.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account - Share quality image

Attract followers by sharing your link

This is very important: promote your products by sharing the links. Whenever possible share the link of your blog on Instagram. You can also share the link of your products to attract prospective buyer. When more and more people visit your blog, your followers will continue to increase.

Do not use fake followers

You may increase the number of followers by using fake followers. But guess what? Nowadays people are quite clever. They can easily differentiate between real followers and fake followers. So, before you add any bogus follower to your account remember that it will most probably tarnish your image instead of promoting you on Instagram. You might have to wait but eventually your followers will increase.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account - Do not use fake followers

Share through Video

Even though pictures make a great impact on a person’s mind sometimes they can’t touch the level in which a video affects a person. Instagram provides an option to share a 15 seconds video. A short, unique and to the point video will definitely catch the attention of a large number of people. Get creative!

Involve your fans and followers by organizing events and games

Engaging people through various games and contests will increase their interest in your brand. Keep some gifts as rewards and it will definitely add as a bonus point. You can also ask your fans to share their unique moments related to your product.

Get testimonials

Testimonials from a client will add authenticity to your product which will attract people towards your product. Ask satisfied customers to share their photos or experience or videos associated with your product.

You must bear one thing in mind, getting money from Instagram is not an easy task and it won't happen from one day to another. You need to build your audience and more people need to know you, a process that takes long to happen. However, remember that everyone who is now successful on Instagram started with not too many likes on their first pictures. If you like sharing photographs don't lose faith!

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How to Monetize Your Instagram Account
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How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

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