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How to Find Instagram Accounts that Follow back

How to Find Instagram Accounts that Follow back

Instagram is one of the best platforms for people of every age to showcase their talents while doing business. If you want to use Instagram to help your business or build up your personal brand, you will need followers. It is very important to keep track of who follows you, whom you follow and who follows you back if you want to become famous on Instagram.

In order to help you get recognized on Instagram, in this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to find Instagram accounts that follow back.

Instagram’s new feature

Instagram is constantly adding new features to help its users interact better and to keep track of follows and followers. Keeping this in mind, Instagram created a new updated feature which helps its users to keep tab of which Instagram accounts are following them back and lots of other information.

This feature was first brought into notice by photographer Anthony Quintano when he posted a screenshot of his Instagram contacts in his Twitter account. The screenshot shows that those contacts of his who follow you back have “You follow each other” written beside their name.

How to access this feature

Taking for granted that your Instagram app has been updated, to access this new feature you only need to go to the tab named “People” in your mobile’s Instagram app. There you would get a list of your contacts and will let you know who follows you, whom you follow, who follows you back and even those who follows you but you don’t follow them back.

Who can access this new feature?

This new update of Instagram has not yet been officially launched. It is still in the testing phase. Instagram is currently testing it on several sub sets of users. So, don’t be upset if you can’t access this feature. Once it is launched officially, it would be accessible to all.

Other ways to know about followers

Currently there are many apps in app stores which can give you information about your followers and who doesn’t follow you back.

The list of apps through which you can know about followers and unfollowers are:

  • Crowdfire
  • Followers For Instagram – Followers and Unfollowers Tracker
  • Followers for Instagram – Get a free follow and unfollow trackers of Unfollowers on the go
  • InstaFollow for Instagram
  • Follower Insight for Instagram
  • Crowdfire for Instagram growth
  • InsTrack for Instagram – The most powerful InstaFollow tool for tracking Instagram followers
  • Unfollowers for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Unfollowgram – It shows who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram
  • Just Unfollow
  • Statusbrew


This is how to find Instagram accounts that follow back. Remember that building up your follower count is a great way to use Instagram as a company in order to get recognized. Give it a try!

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How to Find Instagram Accounts that Follow back
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How to Find Instagram Accounts that Follow back