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How To Use Tags On Tumblr To Get More Followers

Sheetal B
By Sheetal B. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Use Tags On Tumblr To Get More Followers

Tumblr is such a great way to interact on social media. It is like a melting pot of Twitter and Instagram. It’s so much more fun to share posts and images when you have a good number of people following you. More the merrier in this case! Using tags in a clever way can help you reach a wider audience and in turn make them your followers.

A tag is essentially a counterpart of the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. Tag allows blogs and pictures to be grouped together and allows easier search and access. They are used more like keywords. When used strategically, tags can play a big role in increasing your followers on Tumblr. Here are few pointers from OneHowTo that can help you do just that.

Use Generic and Broad Tag Words to Gain Followers on Tumblr

When using simple tags like “Animals”, “Beaches”, “Babies” you can be assured that your content is grouped under a much bigger pool, so has a wider audience and much better chances of capturing attention.

Tumblr will even suggest you the most popular tags as you type. Being very niche will not give you the right number of audience, unless of course that is the idea. So for example, a blog about babies’ 9 month sleep regression will be easier to search if tagged under “baby” instead of “sleep regression”.

Using Unrelated Tags Specifically to Gain Followers

Another alternative way to use tags is to use unrelated tags. How is that possible? Say for example, you blog about your area of interest and then tag it as “follow for follow”, “get more followers” or “will follow back”. There are many users who, just like you are looking to up their number of followers and they can help you when you help them. By using these tags, you can catch the attention of such users.

Do remember though, tags are just a catalyst to get more followers. What really will get consistent and quality followers is the content that you put up. What’s the fun of sharing your thoughts on a social media platform, if it’s only viewed by your own group of friends or a few others that you can count on your finger tips. When you want to put your thoughts out there in public, a huge following gives you that much needed ego(!) boost. So go ahead make full use of tags and share away.

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How To Use Tags On Tumblr To Get More Followers