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How Many Megabytes Does Spotify Use

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How Many Megabytes Does Spotify Use

If you usually listen to music on Spotify it's quite possible that you've downloaded the mobile app to be able to listen to your playlists when you're away from home but, do you know how much data it uses? Smartphone fares usually offer a specific amount of megabytes depending on each contract and, if you use Spotify directly with your data connection, it's possible that your megabytes run out before the end of the month. In this OneHowto article we're going to tell you how many megabytes Spotify uses so you can have a count of how many MB this app uses.

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To be able to calculate how many megabytes Spotify uses, first of all we need to take into account that this app offers songs in different qualities. More specifically, there are three different qualities available that are as follow:

  • 96 kbps
  • 160 kbps
  • 320kbps: this quality is only available for those with a Premium account

Logically, depending on the quality that we're listening to, the amount of data usage will be one or another. If you have a contracted fare with very few megabytes, it's recommendable to listen to songs in the worst possible quality in order to waste less MBs.


On a general scale, the approximate data used with one song on Spotify depending on the quality you have selected are as follow:

  • If we listen to a 96kbps song the usage is 0.72 MB per minute,therefore, the average MB use per song is about 2.88 MB in total.
  • If the quality of the song is 160 kbps the data consumed will go up to 1.20 MB per minute, therefore, average consumption per song is around 4.80 MB.
  • In cases that have Spotify Premium contracted and listen to songs on 320 kbps, the consumption will go up to 2.40 MB per minute, a total consumption per song of 9.60 MB, approximately.

Now you know how much a song spends on Spotify depending on the quality, you can calculate the approximate monthly data usage depending on the quality of the songs you listen to. To do so we'll need to know how many songs you listen to each month and, taking into account the previous calculation, count how many MBs you spend per song. Multiplying both figures you'll get to know how many MBs you use on Spotify.

For example, if you listen to 50 songs each month at a medium quality, i.e 160 kbps, the formula we'll have to apply to calculate the data we'll use is as follows:

  • 50 song*4.80= 240 MB per month we spend on Spotify

To save up data usage on your smartphone and listen to Spotify without the fear surpassing the data you have contracted with your phone company it's recommendable either to increase the amount of data you have contracted or to listen to this app only when you can connect to WiFi; this way you'll take advantage of the benefits of this music network but without affecting your bill.

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How Many Megabytes Does Spotify Use
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How Many Megabytes Does Spotify Use