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How to Tell if Beats Are Fake

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell if Beats Are Fake

Beats by Dr. Dre is a range of headphones that was created in collaboration with the rapper and music producer Dr. Dre. These headphones are one of the best audio accessories in the world. The top quality sounds along with innovative product design makes this headphone a favorite among all age groups. The extremely high popularity of Beats has lead to increase in number of fake Beats in the market. To save yourself from being the owner of fake beats read this OneHowTo article about how to tell if Beats are fake.

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  1. Price
  2. Exterior wrap
  3. Box
  4. Inner Packaging
  5. Headphone


The price is a very important standard through which you can distinguish real Beats from fake Beats. Real Beats gives one-of-a -kind listening experience and is made of premium material making them worth their price range. But fake beats use low quality material and the sound quality is nowhere near the real ones. So, fake Beats are usually priced at a much lower range then the real Beats.

Exterior wrap

While purchasing Beats check out the exterior shrink wrap. If the shrink wrap is slightly loose or wrapped unprofessionally then you have a fake Beats in your hand. Also the fake one would have a thinner shrink wrap which feels more like cellophane. Real Beats are extremely well wrapped in a tight and professional manner.


On the box of real Beats, the sticker stating 'Matte Black Finish' is on the shrink wrap. But in the fake Beats, this sticker is printed on the box which is inside the shrink wrap.

In a real Beats box you will never find any grammatical error and every word is spaced evenly. But in fake ones, grammatical error is quite common.

Also, when you compare the image of headphone on the cover of your Beats box then you can see some visible difference. The real Beats box has a grayish color headphone. But the fake one has a dark black image of headphone.

How to Tell if Beats Are Fake - Box
Image: gearlive.com

Inner Packaging

On comparing the bright orange inner packaging you will find that in the real Beats, when the orange flap covering the headphone is opened, it stays open. But in the fake beats once this flap is opened it falls back. This is because of poor material and design of the fake Beats.


On first look, fake Beats headphones and real Beats headphones look quite similar. But upon careful observation you will start spotting the difference. The fake ones usually have misalignment at the joint between the band and the pad and the adhesive can be seen creating a shabby appearance. But the real ones are very neat.

Another difference you can spot is the leatherette of the ear pads. The leatherettes of real ones are highly textured while the fake ones have a very different texture as compared to the real ones.

On the headphone lead of the real Beats, a serial number can be found near the jack. This serial number is quite small and well hidden. But in the fake Beats there won’t be any sign of any serial number.

Now you know how to spot fake beats you can also learn how to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is fake or even Ray Ban sunglasses, some of the most common imitations in the black market.

How to Tell if Beats Are Fake - Headphone
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Image: gearlive.com
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How to Tell if Beats Are Fake