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How to Delete a WeChat Account

By Sara . Updated: July 1, 2018
How to Delete a WeChat Account

WeChat is a mobile messaging application and falls in the same category as WhatsApp, Telegram and some others. It is owned by Tencent Company Limited, China. It is extremely popular in China and has increasing number of users in other part of the world. If you are using WeChat and want to delete your account due to some reason then you must have noticed that you can’t delete it directly. To remove the account, user must send a PPI removal request wherein PPI stands for Personal Identifiable Information. Here at OneHowTo we explain how to delete a WeChat account providing the necessary steps.

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Steps to follow:


Clean the chat history

To clear the chat history, open the WeChat app present in your device. Then go to settings and click on “Clear Chat History”. Then you must confirm your action by clicking on “Clear Chat History” red button.


Remove linked account

After clearing the chat history you must revoke the third party services and remove the linked accounts.

To do this, go to “Settings” option in your WeChat app. Then click on “My accounts”. Now unlink/revoke all the linked accounts like Facebook and others. While doing this make sure that your email address is not removed from the accounts linked with the WeChat account. This is important as it will help WeChat support to identify your account and delete it as per your request.

How to Delete a WeChat Account - Step 2

Send a removal request email

The third step is to send a removal request from your email id which you have used to register the WeChat account to support@wechat.com. To send the email you can use the following format.

Email Subject:

Objection to processing. User Account and Personal Information Removal Request.

Message Body:

In the message body include your removal request along with the information about your account and WeChat ID.


Remove the WeChat app from your device

Now you have cleared chat history, revoked all the third party services and sent a removal request email. Hence, there is only one step remaining which is to remove the WeChat app from your device. So, uninstall your WeChat application from your smartphone and then your WeChat account will be permanently deleted.

In case you have any doubts then you can contact WeChat directly through their contact us page: http://www.wechat.com/en/contact_us.html

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Pac Vanilla
While you're at it, delete your WhatsApp account, too. ;-) (And start protecting your privacy by using Threema or Signal.)
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How to Delete a WeChat Account