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How to Create Telegram Stickers

By Sara . Updated: May 11, 2018
How to Create Telegram Stickers
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Telegram is a new messaging app that is gaining popularity pretty quickly. Many people prefer it over other messaging apps due to its high level of encryption. As well as its technological features, Telegram offers a variety of stickers to add some amusement to your chats. With its new update, Beta (version, you can not only download the ready-made stickers, you can also create your own! This is a great way of adding your personal touch to your conversations with friends and family. If you like drawing or enjoy being creative, read this oneHOWTO article and find out how to create Telegram stickers.

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Design your sticker

First of all, you need to create your stickers using Photoshop, Illustrator or similar. Remember to save your pictures in a dimension of 512 x 512 pixels and in PNG extension.

We recommend you optimize the .png file as much as possible in order to upload and download the stickers quicker. Remember that the images are going to be seen on the screen of a mobile phone, so the quality doesn't need to be very high.

To upload your created pictures to Telegram, it's best if you use the Telegram app from your computer. To do so, we recommend using ARC Welder, the official Android program to use your apps on a PC. For iPhone users, use the equivalent program.

Step by Step: Upload your sticker to Telegram

  1. Install the app and access your Telegram account.
  2. Once on Telegram, you'll need to start a chat with @stickers bot. To do so you'll need to mention @stickers bot in any of your pre-existing chat-rooms and click on @stickers.
  3. Start the chat in a conversation window and you can say anything to the @stickers bot regarding how to create the sticker.
  4. The Stickers Bot will automatically answer and will give you the necessary instructions on how to create stickers. At this point the @stickers bot will send you the following sets of commands. The commands are as follows:/newstickerpack : You'll be able to create a new pack of stickers./addsticker : This allows you to create a new sticker to an pre-existing pack./delsticker : You can also delete a sticker from a pack./ordersticker: This will allow you to create an order for the stickers in a pack./cancel: This command will be helpful if you want to cancel previous actions.
  5. The first step will be to tell the Bot Sticker that you want to create a new pack of stickers. Send /newstickerpack to the conversation.
  6. The @stickers bot will ask for a name for the new pack of stickers. After sending the name @stickers bot will ask for emojis that will be tied to your sticker. Telegram recommends you to have a maximum of two emojis for every sticker.
  7. When you have sent the emojis you will be able to upload the sticker to @sticker bot. Just drop the PNG file to the Telegram window. Then select the "without compression" option. We recommend you not doing it with the option in a "quick way".
  8. To upload another sticker you have to repeat the above step for all stickers you've created. For each set, Telegram only allows 30 stickers. After uploading all the stickers you can publish the pack of stickers writing type /publish.
  9. Then, the @sticker bot will ask you to create a name for the ending of the sticker URL address so that you can upload your sticker file on Telegram and share it with everyone else too.
  10. After sending the short name, your sticker pack is ready to be used. Download it on your smartphone version of Telegram and share your creativity with the world!

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How to Create Telegram Stickers - Step by Step: Upload your sticker to Telegram
Image: petshopboxstudio

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  • You will need to know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator or any other image creating software in order to make your pictures
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Cool! create your own stickers!

I am a plumber, and it seems cool to be able to send my own emojis / stickers to my customers :)
Once I have published did enybody can see it and download it without my permission or me sendining him one af my sticker?
salari majid
I made 2 packs of stickers. Now I want to add sticker to the first pack but I can't. I can't change the command to add sticker to my first sticker pack.
How can i rename my sticker pack ????
im not sure if im doing something wrong, but when i try throwing the sticker in, it says: "please attach the image as a file (uncompressed), not as a photo."
OneHowTo Editor
What format have you saved the sticker in?
PNG, even done it trough photoshop to make the backgroun invisible but i made sure its png like the bot told me to :B
OneHowTo Editor
Well that seems strange, it must be a problem with the bot then. Try to get into contact with the company directly to find out what the problem is.
and how can i do that? :)
No, it's not about the Bot. You must take the image as file. Just open the folder where you keep the file. Do not take the image from gallery.
OneHowTo Editor
Thanks for the advice!
Hi you should do that with desktop telegram
Image: staticflickr
Image: petshopboxstudio
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How to Create Telegram Stickers