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How to Protect your Phone from Water

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Protect your Phone from Water

Our smartphone has become an extension of ourselves, it is an essential part of our daily life and is also the simplest way to always keep up to speed with our environment. When we leave it at home or when it suffers an accident, we feel desperate to to have it back, at all costs! One of the worst things is when your mobile ends up submerged in water - in a swimming pool, at sea or down the toilet, which drives us like maniacs to recover it from serious damage as best we can. To avoid these stressful episodes, see our OneHowTo.com article for tips on how to protect your phone from water and keep it working for as long as possible.

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Steps to follow:


Many of the phones that have been recently released are waterproof or water-resistant. However, you ought to exercise caution with this function. Look at the manufacturer's instructions as to if/to what degree it can resist water.

The first thing to know is that waterproof always refers to fresh water without any chemicals, i.e. if your phone is immersed in sea water and is waterproof , there is a good chance that it will be damaged. this is because the salt water can severely affect it. Prevention is better than cure, so keep your mobile phone away from the sea.

Check the manual of your mobile and, if it is waterproof, check how long it can be submerged and how deep underwater. In most cases this feature protects your device from accidents such as a fall down the toilet or someone accidentally spilling water on it.

How to Protect your Phone from Water - Step 1

Many of these tips to protect your phone from water are, for some, quite obvious. However, they are still useful for avoiding accidents that can destroy our smartphone.

To begin with, and if you want your device to be well protected, it is best to purchase a waterproof case to protect it from accidents. Although these are more expensive than regular cases, it is a great alternative and a good investment, especially if you've paid a lot of money for your device. These covers protect them from other factors that may cause damage, such as heat or sand.


If you are not willing to overpay for a case, then there is a more economical way to protect your mobile phone from water when you go to the beach, the pool, you get on a boat etc. Airtight plastic bags, widely available in supermarkets, protect your mobile and you can have fun without having to worry about damage.

Although it is an economical choice you should know that this does not protect against factors such as heat or sand, nor be possible to use your mobile phone while in the bag, which also must be removed, heightening risk. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative for those traveling in these types of environments.

How to Protect your Phone from Water - Step 3

You have two types of solutions to protect your phone from water: a waterproof cover and airtight bags. As well as this, you should keep these general recommendations from OneHowTo.com into consideration:

  • Avoid taking your mobile when walking on the beach or near the pool. Protect it well to avoid accidents and avoid being careless by, e.g. putting your bag and towel near the edge of the water, sunbathing on a breakwater where a wave might suddenly soak all your belongings. Also avoid taking a picture from inside the water.
  • Never, ever, ever, use the toilet with your phone in the back pocket. Chances are high that it will end up submerged in the toilet water, which will be even more problematic if you're using a public lavatory.
  • If you, out of habit, carry your mobile phone to the bathroom, always leave it in a safe place where it cannot get wet.
  • Do not bring your phone to the table where you eat, not only because it is rude to keep track of your device during a meal with friends or family, but also because anyone can pour liquid on the table and leave your device soaked and damaged.

Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.

How to Protect your Phone from Water - Step 4

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How to Protect your Phone from Water