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How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission

Tracking your partner’s phone is ethically wrong. But if you have a strong suspicion that your partner is having an affair then it’s better to know for sure that your assumptions are true or not otherwise it will create havoc in your life. So, at that time tracking your partner’s phone seems to be the only choice. We advise you not to track it without the permission of your partner, though if you need the permission of the company to do so, here are some useful ways to learn how to track your partner’s mobile phone without permission.

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  1. mSpy
  2. SpyBubble
  3. Mobile Spy
  4. The Truth Spy
  5. iSpyoo


mSpy is credited as one of the best monitoring apps. It is compatible in android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows. The charge for installing mSpy in any device is $29.99 which is comparatively lower than others and it comes with 10 days money back guarantee. mSpy claims to be 100% undetectable. It can track the location of your partner along with having access to his / her text messages, call history, emails, calendars, address book, photos and videos. You can limit incoming calls in your partner’s phone along with monitoring Internet activities and reading instant chat messages.

How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission - mSpy
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SpyBubble is one of the most trusted and powerful apps when it comes to tracking other devices. It is compatible with Symbian, android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS. If you want to install it in your partner’s phone then you have to buy it for $49.95. You can track your partner’s calls, messages, location, email, URLs along with having full access to his/ her phone book.

How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission - SpyBubble
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Mobile Spy

The Mobile Spy app is available for $49.97 and is used by parents to track children or can be used to track ones partner too. It is compatible with android and BlackBerry phones. Its premium plan allows monitoring and commanding the target device live. Its other features are tracking location, locking or unlocking the device with a siren alarm which is optional, email tracking, phone call information, photo log, alerts you when there is some prohibited activities going on in the target device along with lots of other features.

How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission - Mobile Spy
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The Truth Spy

With a small fee of $16.99, The Truth Spy can be easily installed in your partner’s phone. It is completely stealthy and hides itself extremely well while working continuously in the background. After setting it up in the target mobile. The Truth Spy will send all the information through a secure online portal into your personal account.

How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission - The Truth Spy
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The iSpyoo app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can be installed with a small fee of $22.99 and can stealthy provide the basic information like location and call logs of the target device.

How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission - iSpyoo
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You can start with downloading the application (with a fee) and follow the instructions given by the application.


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How to Track your Partner’s Mobile Phone without Permission