How to reactivate your Facebook account

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to reactivate your Facebook account

Today, millions of people around the world are members of Facebook making it the world's most popular social network. Every day thousands of people get their account shut down and many of them regret their actions, and want to reactivate their Facebook account. Has your Facebook account been disabled all of a sudden? Don't worry, it can happen to anyone, and it can normally be solved with a little effort and following the correct steps. See this OneHowTo article on how to reactivate your Facebook account.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, you should read the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We know it's a long and boring document, but it contains important guidelines on what you should and shouldn't do on the world's largest social network. These are the rules of Facebook.


Knowing why it has been blocked. Often, your account could have been disabled due to an inappropriate picture, for example Facebook considers any nudity as an inappropriate photo. Also, Facebook does not tolerate racist comments or insults as well as impersonating others, using fake names and unsolicited contact with other users for the purpose of "harassment, advertising, promoting, dating, or other inappropriate conduct".


Your account may have been temporarily or permanently blocked. Can you still use some of its basic features or Does yours not let you do anything at all? Sometimes, Facebook disables some features to warn the user and to prevent them from repeating the same offence. This means it will be easier to reactivate your account. Wait a few days and you'll be able to use everything as normal.


If your account has been disabled by mistake, you need to act fast. The first thing you should do is to fill in this form, which is available even if you're not connected to Facebook.


You can also try to send an email to disabled@facebook.com to ask why your account has been disabled and explain that you are willing to remove any offensive content in order to reactivate your account again.


Once Facebook allows you to reactivate your account, you have to complete a security check. This process is simple and aims to "prove"; that you are who you say, by just getting you to identify some pictures of your friends.


By following these steps you can reactivate your Facebook account and get back to staying connected with your friends.

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  • Sometimes Facebook, will make you do a security check to know if you are logged in from several computers simultaneously.
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Helen Davidson
My account was deactivated without the ability to go into my settings and appeal, or fill out a form, or request more information or simply to ask they delete any "offending posts". disabled@facebook.com does not work. Any other ways to contact them?
Melanie A Head
Somehow i was able to deactivate my account in FB on my phone. My internet one is still active but just with small portions. Can you help me with the iphone FB? I use it mostly there.
John Burson
hi i still have an old Facebook account that was supposed to have been deleted ages ago . For some reason my current one has been deleted. May have been by me ?. I can't find any reference to why or how. I have tried several times to reinstate but if you can't log on you can't get in , catch 22. Any one help.
Sharon E Whiteman
I had 2 facebook accounts and was trying to deactivate and old account but ended up losing both of my accounts. Just want to reactivate my latest account.
John Burson
hi i'm sort of in the same boat but i still have the old one i don't want. did you get any help ?
Margie Canada
I have opened at least 3 accounts. Because I really use them. May have deactivated them. Just don’t know my log in. But all have the same name and address how do I find and delete them or reactivate. Just to have one account only
robert conner
i cant see my profile with my picture on it on my pc
Brenda Foust
Easy to follow directions.
How to reactivate your Facebook account