How To Underline Text In WhatsApp

By Ameera Mills. Updated: March 20, 2019
How To Underline Text In WhatsApp

Did you know that you can customize your WhatsApp text messages? This great instant messaging application allows us to change and add to the writing and typography of the letters which we use in our messages. Are you wondering how to bold, italic, cross-out or underline WhatsApp messages? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

For more about the best WhatsApp text tricks and cheats to personalize your messages, keep reading here at OneHOWTO.

WhatsApp text trick: changing the font on WhatsApp

Among the best WhatsApp text tricks is the ability to change the font style of the text. Did you know you are able to change your text into a ‘‘retro’’ type-writing text style on WhatsApp?

The best part? You don’t need to download anything! All you have to do is put the sentence in inverted single commas, three times in a row before and three times after the message, like this:

  • The inverted commas looks like this: `` `

This symbol, on Android phones, is usually found on the symbols keyboard that appears in the app. On an iPhone, this symbol is not on the Iphone Whatsapp default and, therefore, you will have to go to the Apple Store and download a different keyboard for the app.

  • The example that you will have to write in the application will be:

`` `Here the text you want to put```

For more, refer to image below.

Apps to change WhatsApp text

There are applications that you can download to change WhatsApp font. Download the app Stylish Text which allows you to choose up to 85 different font and letter styles to use for WhatsApp.

You can find the app ‘Stylish Text’ in Google play.

How To Underline Text In WhatsApp - WhatsApp text trick: changing the font on WhatsApp

Whatsapp text tricks: WhatsApp story status

Have you tried the new WhatsApp status application? This new Status tab allows you to upload a personal story, as well as making a status with personalized fonts, functions and colors. The maximum character count for a WhatsApp statues are 250 letter and there are 5 different fonts you can choose from.

One of our favorite features about the new WhatsApp status tab is that you can add emojis, photos and GIFs.

But, how do you upload a WhatsApp status:

  1. Open Watsapp app.
  2. Above you will have three tabs- chats / status /calls.
  3. Click on Status.
  4. Click on the pencil shown on the bottom right of your screen to write a status.
  5. To take a photo click on the camera below it.
  6. If you click on the pencil, you will see three options on the bottom left of the page.
  7. Click on the smile for emojis.
  8. Click on the T to change your font.
  9. And Click on the paint palette to change the color.

Are you looking for some good WhatsApp status ideas to port? If so, you can’t miss our list of romantic Whatsapp messages for your girlfriend.

How To Underline Text In WhatsApp - Whatsapp text tricks: WhatsApp story status

How to bold text in WhatsApp

Are you wondering how to bold text in WhatsApp? How about how to write different fonts on WhatsApp like in italics?Did you also know that you can cross out text in WhatsApp, it’s great!

How to bold text in WhatsApp

Bolding text in WhatsApp is easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the word and another just at the end of the word you want to highlight in bold (no spaces).
  2. * text you want in bold *
  3. It will only appear bold once send.

How to italics in WhastApp

If you want to italicize in WhatsApp, all you have to do is:

  1. underscore/text/underscore. Like this:
  2. _text I want in italics_

How to strikethrough text WhatsApp

You can also cross out words or phrases on WhatsApp. Have you ever sent a message on WhatsApp and want to back track? If so, this option is for you! Luckily for us though, is that we can delete messages on WhatsApp once they have been sent, as long as they haven’t been read yet.

So, how to you cross out on WhatsApp?

  1. You need to add a tilde before and after the text you want to cross out.
  2. ~ text that I want to cross out ~

How To Underline Text In WhatsApp - How to bold text in WhatsApp

How to underline text in WhatsApp

Underlining text in WhatsApp takes a little longer than the other functions, but it’s still easy! In order to underline in WhatsApp you need to download the BlueWords App.

  1. Download BlueWords App and enter.
  2. Tap on the Underline option.
  3. Click on the share icon to the right of the writing.
  4. Choose which application you want to share the underlined text in, in this case, WhatsApp.
  5. You will then enter whatsaap and click on status or the person you want to send it to.
  6. Then, click on the tick on the bottom hand right of the corner.
  7. And send!

And the best part about the app is that you can also choose other fonts and text styles to share with on your WhatsApp!

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How To Underline Text In WhatsApp
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How To Underline Text In WhatsApp

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