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Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile?

Technology is invading everyday lives and people are increasingly using mobiles for everything: for taking pictures, searching for information and also for waking up in the morning. Using a mobile as an alarm is one of the most common reasons why people sleep with their phone on their bedside table or even under their head, but is this practice healthy? The truth is that these technological devices emit radiation which is harmful to health, and something that made the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn that their use could lead to cancer. In this OneHowTo article we'll reveal if it's bad to sleep near to your mobile, explain how it can end up affecting your life cycle and the best way to live alongside technology.

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  1. Mobile radiation
  2. How radiation affects you
  3. How to behave with your mobile

Mobile radiation

To understand how a mobile affects your body, you first need to understand that your body is powered by electrical pulses. When you are exposed to radiation (whether natural or artificial), your rhythm and life cycle can be altered. Environmental radiation is not visible but just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You live with radiation more and more, whether from Wi-Fi, mobile use, tablets and so on.

When people talk about natural radiation affecting us, this refers to various features that occur due to Earth's geophysical activity, for example, with the appearance of groundwater. Artificial radiation is any radiation that has been created by humans, which includes wireless connections, street lighting, mobile phones, and so on. All these types of radiation affect your body and can make it change.

Many people sleep with their mobile phone next to their bed without being aware of the risks of exposure due to that simple action. The radiation emitted by these appliances changes your system of self-regulation for some natural processes such as biological rhythms, for example. In fact, the WHO conducted a study which, very worryingly, concluded that electronics are bad for health and can increase the chances of developing cancer.

So, in answer to the question of whether it's wrong to sleep near to your mobile, the answer is loud and clear: Yes, it is really bad for you. Also, you should not charge your phone at night if you have a habit of putting it under the pillow and the reason for this is very simple: you can end up burning your skin due to a surge. Pillows are not made for this type of use and they are made from highly flammable material so be very careful!

Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile? - Mobile radiation

How radiation affects you

The radiation emitted by your wireless devices not only affects your biological rhythm and can increase the chances of cancer, but it can also affect you day to day and you can feel different after having slept next to your phone. In fact, there are many studies that have determined that this bad habit can produce insomnia and/or headaches. Phones have bright screens and it is precisely this characteristic which affects your hormones that regulate sleep (melatonin), by reducing its production, making it harder for you to sleep.

Leaving your mobile on your bedside table also alters your nervous system, making you stay more alert at night and therefore reduces the REM phase of your sleep. Vibration or luminous notifications can lead to what is called "Technological insomnia", where you don't finish your sleep properly or you keep waking at night to check your mobile.

Also, if you consult your phone before bedtime, you're exciting your brain, which is something that is strongly discouraged if you want to rest and sleep soundly. All this can ultimately have negative consequences on your health, causing a lack of concentration, stress, irritability, etc.

Some research conducted in Australia also came to the conclusion that the use of mobile phones can affect sperm production in men and may even make them sterile. Above all, this applies when the phone is placed in trouser pockets, which is a widespread practice among men.

Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile? - How radiation affects you

How to behave with your mobile

So what should you do with your mobile at night? It is best that you turn it off. Disconnecting not just your phone, but all electrical appliances in your house, is the best you can do to reduce radiation in your home so you can rest deeply. Even though you're not using these devices, they also use radio frequencies and base stations that remain in the atmosphere. These can harm you because they are constantly emitting electromagnetic waves into the environment.

If you don't want to turn your phone off, it should be at least 1 metre away from your body and, whenever possible, try to disable data or Wi-Fi to reduce the radio frequency that is emitted. To avoid insomnia or interruption of your phases of sleep, it is also recommended that you turn off the sound.

As well as use of the phone at night, there are other recommendations that you can follow every day so you suffer the least impact. Here follows a list of the best mobile phone practices:

  • Short calls: it's better to make short calls, and if they last longer, it is recommended you change ears so you avoid overloading just one side of your body.
  • Hands-free: whenever you can, opt for hands-free calls, so you can avoid the mobile making direct contact with your head.
  • Always have coverage: If you're in an area with poor coverage, don't force the call and wait until you're elsewhere because the device will emit more powerful signals to pick up a signal and these will directly affect you.
  • In your bag: Never carry your mobile on your body, or in your trouser or shirt pockets. It is best you carry it externally in a bag or a shoulder bag.

Besides your mobile, it is also important to turn off other home appliances overnight that emit radiation: TVs, computers, microwaves and so on. Similarly, it is recommended that you unplug your router at bedtime to avoid absorbing its waves.

Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile? - How to behave with your mobile

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Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile?