What to Do with Old Electronics

By Rebecca Sarmiento. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Do with Old Electronics

Letting go of our old gadgets can be tough, but it has to be done. With technology upgrading every so often, tech junkies would need to dispose of their old gadgets if they want to make space for new ones. The thing is, disposing old electronics isn’t as easy as disposing just any other junk. There are factors to consider.

First off, electronic devices can contain chemicals that may be harmful to the environment or other people if not disposed properly. Also, you might be missing out on other practical uses for it if you throw it away just like that. Let’s explore other options on what to do with old electronics. Stay with us at OneHowTo!

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Sell your old electronic device

If you are fond of always getting the latest gadget the moment it comes out, chances are your devices will be piling up in a matter of months and you’ll end up having electronics you won’t be using anymore.

Instead of letting them go to waste, sell them and you’ll find that someone would be more than glad to buy them from you, for a cheaper price of course. But wouldn’t it be such a good idea to get some money back from a gadget you’ve already used?

What to Do with Old Electronics - Sell your old electronic device

Donate your old electronic device

If you aren’t really a junkie and only upgrade your electronics because they’ve stopped working, you can still donate your non-working device to non-profit organizations or charity who can find a good use for them. Here’s a list of some of those charities:

  • Cellphones for Soldiers - this non-profit organization has been helping American soldiers assigned overseas to keep in touch with their families for free. They raise money through recycling old mobile phones and other fund raising.
  • The March of Dimes - this is another non-profit organization that aims to improve the health and educate babies and their moms worldwide. This was founded by President Roosevelt in 1938 to address the problems of polio. They also accept donations of old mobile phones to help them raise funds.
  • Food Banks Canada - this is a global organization that aims to put a stop to world hunger by supporting food banks and food bank networks. It runs a phone-for-food campaign wherein you can donate any handheld device to help them raise money for their cause.
What to Do with Old Electronics - Donate your old electronic device

Give old electronics as a gift

Just because you’re no longer happy with your device or you’ve decided to upgrade doesn’t mean nobody would be happy to have your old gadget. If it’s working fine then why not give it as a gift? Not only would you take it off your hands, you’ll also be able to make someone really happy.

What to Do with Old Electronics - Give old electronics as a gift

Upcycle your old electronics

Get creative and upcycle your device! Upcycle means turning an object into something else. For example, you can use an old spring as a cord protector. There are many ways to turn your electronics into something else that’s useful. All you will need to do is think outside the box and you might just get a million dollar idea.

Trade old electronics for gift cards

Amazon has a trade-in store wherein you can send in your old electronics in exchange of gift cards. Now that saves you the trouble of buying a potential buyer. Amazon will take it and you can get other stuff from them in return.

What to Do with Old Electronics - Trade old electronics for gift cards

As you can see, there are many possible answers to what to do with old electronics. Have you found a different option? Tell us in the comments section!

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What to Do with Old Electronics
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What to Do with Old Electronics

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