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How to Check Internet Speed on a Mobile

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Check Internet Speed on a Mobile

When our Internet service provider claims to give us the highest possible speed we become happy and contented as a clam and ask them to set up the connection soon. But while using the Internet our jet speed mind sometime starts to think why the speed of Internet does not match to what was promised. It happens mostly when our fingers keep typing much faster than the Internet speed on a mobile. At such time if you want to know the actual speed then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to check the Internet speed on a mobile.

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  1. Speed Test Light
  2. Speedtest.net
  3. MegaPath Speed Test Plus
  4. Sensorly
  5. Internet Speed Test
  6. Opensignal

Speed Test Light

Speed Test Light is an app which can check Internet speed on a mobile. It gives you information about your ping, upload and download speed. It also has an option for speed test to know which one of the three is the fastest.


If you are using broadband Internet connection in your mobile then speedtest.net is the website you should definitely visit. It is a broadband performance evaluator. Here you can create an account, save the results and also rate the ISP. Also, you can compare your speed test with other broadband owners in your area.

MegaPath Speed Test Plus

The website of MegaPath Speed Test Plus has amazing features. It will calculate your upload and download speed. Along with it, it shows packet loss, jitter tests and latency too. It can analyze and determine what’s wrong with your internet along with the download and upload speed.


If you want know the coverage map of Internet service providers along with a speed test then Sensorly is the app for you. It does the speed test to check your Internet speed. Also, it measures your signal strength and puts it on their carrier map. Then it shows how other carriers fair in that area. You can also check it for other areas too.

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test is an amazingly simple app. It gives you precisely what you need: upload and download speed. Once you start the test, it will show the percentage of progress. When it is 100% complete, it will give you the precise download speed and upload speed.


Open signal app can be used for 3G/ 4G/ WiFi Maps and Speed test. You can take speed test and also view the coverage map. It has a signal compass which points in the direction from where your signal is coming. Its WiFi map can help you locate public networks and the coverage map will show best places for strong signals.

How to Check Internet Speed on a Mobile - Opensignal

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How to Check Internet Speed on a Mobile