What does LOL Mean on WhatsApp?

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By Max. D Gray. October 25, 2021
What does LOL Mean on WhatsApp?

Communication evolves in many fascinating ways. With the advent of text messaging, it is understandable that abbreviations are used to save time and space. What was less predictable was the usage of these abbreviations becoming used in everyday speech. LOL has been around for decades, but its usage and popularity has evolved over time.

If you use WhatsApp regularly, it is very common you will have seen people used the term LOL. It appears in memes, music videos and even our real life conversations. At oneHOWTO, we ask what does LOL mean on WhatsApp? To answer the question, we need to look not only at what LOL stands for, but what its usage means in different contexts

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  1. What does LOL stand for in WhatsApp?
  2. Examples of LOL on WhatsApp
  3. Other expressions in WhatsApp

What does LOL stand for in WhatsApp?

The acronym LOL is typical of the slang used by Internet users. Its meaning in English is ‘laughing out loud’ or ‘laugh out loud’. Although it only really works as an abbreviation in English, its popularity is such that it can be used in almost any language and WhatsApp users will know what it means, even if they know very little English in general.

Users of forums on the Internet often use this acronym, but it is very commonly added to the end of messages on chat apps such as WhatsApp. You can also change the intensity of the laughter by increasing the number of O's you use. The more you write between L and L, the greater the laugh produced by a text, an image or a video.

Another of the senses of LOL is that of complete surprise. In other words, it is a way of expressing sentences like ‘Are you seriously?’, ‘What did you say?’ or the like. In addition, this abbreviation is also used for League of Legends, one of the most popular online games in Internet history.

Examples of LOL on WhatsApp

The expression LOL is used in various social networks, forums and platforms, but especially in WhatsApp. It is used for various situations or to try to express sentiments such as the following:

Excessive laughter at a comment, text, image or video

  • - I went to the supermarket and I met Mario. He has grown his hair out completely! It looks like another person.
    - LOOOL what a change of look.
  • - Look at this meme sent to me about the general election debate.
    - LOOOOOL, they nailed it.

Show confidence in casual conversation

  • - Tomorrow I will have four fillings at the dentist and I'm very afraid... of both the fillings and the money I have to pay, 300 euros.
    - LOOL, a little more and you have to ask the bank for a loan.
  • - The electricity bill has risen by more than 40 euros compared to the last bill.
    - LOL, making ends meet is getting harder and harder.

Take tension out of an awkward situation

  • - My boss has asked me for a report at the last minute and I have to stay for two extra hours.
    - LOL, at least I can buy you dinner when you're done.
  • - The teacher wants us to deliver a paper on the same day of the exam. I don't know where to find the time for everything!
    - LOOOL, you need 30 hour days to get through all that.

Other expressions in WhatsApp

LOL is one of the most used acronyms on WhatsApp, but there are also other expressions in the chat that you will read frequently. These are the main ones:

  • XD: what does XD mean on WhatsApp? It is the equivalent of the smiley face of a WhatsApp emoji. It is the equivalent of ‘hahaha’ and even LOL, i.e. it is one more way of expressing a laugh.
  • LMAO: acronym for ‘laughing my ass off’. It is used when you want to convey something is really funny (or you are being ironic and something isn't funny at all). It is usually employed when LOL isn't enough.
  • XOXO: these are the acronyms used to send hugs and kisses when speaking to another person in a WhatsApp conversation, usually when saying goodbye.
  • OMG: this is the abbreviation most often used to express amazement and surprise. It means ‘Oh my God’.
  • BTW: it's short for ‘by the way’. A clear example is when you want to say something that you forgot to comment: ‘BTW, I've finished dinner.’ It is often used when you want to change the subject quickly. Another of the meanings that this expression has, although it is not so commonly used, is ‘back to work’. This usually happens when you want to cut short a conversation, whether you have actual work to get back to or not.
  • FYI: this is a very used acronym in work emails. It means ‘for your information’. It is usually used by friends or co-workers who want you to know certain information, without asking for an answer.
  • IDK: acronym for ‘I don't know’. It can be quite dismissive if you simply don't want to continue a message chat, but you don't want to explain yourself either.

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What does LOL Mean on WhatsApp?