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How to Free up Space on iCloud in 5 Steps

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 31, 2018
How to Free up Space on iCloud in 5 Steps

If you use an Apple device, especially an iPhone or an iPad, you're sure to like the iCloud storage system. It has 5GB of space that prevents your mobile memory from becoming chock-a-block after taking just a couple of snaps. But, what on earth can be done when the 5GB is used up too? Do you have to resort to buying more storage from Apple? Well, yes, you might need to. However, we're sure that you have things in the cloud that are taking up unnecessary space that you could delete first. OneHowTo.com explains how to free up space on iCloud.

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Steps to follow:


Go to Settings on your iOS device and select iCloud. Once there, click on "Storage" and, then, select "Manage storage".

How to Free up Space on iCloud in 5 Steps - Step 1

If you have an old iPhone or iPad you no longer use, it is very possible that the back-up for this device is still taking up space in iCloud. In "Manage storage", the first thing you'll see is the list of devices linked to your account under the associated with that account to iCloud under "Backup copies". If there is any old back-up copy, click on "Delete backup".


There might be things that you could do with deleting in your existing Backup too. Click on the device and its last backup copy and you'll see everything that you save to iCloud when you make copies. If something is something that you don't really need, deselect it. The next backup will no longer be attached to those elements. For your new iphone, this OneHowTo article will explain how to backup your iPhone with easy to follow steps.


In addition to backups, another factor to consider in terms of storage, is photo space. Avoid storing them in your device; instead choose a spot for them in another cloud storage space. First, deselect "Photo Library" in "Backups" to free up space.


To prevent the photos you take from being automatically uploaded to iCloud, go to Settings>iCloud>Photos and deselect Photo Stream. To store photos in the cloud, you can choose any of the following services, most of which are free:

  • Flickr
  • OneDrive for iOS
  • Google

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How to Free up Space on iCloud in 5 Steps